Tuesday, November 13, 2007

100th Post and my first Contest

My first post was almost 4 months ago on 7/20/07 and I'm already on my 100th post. I guess I have a lot to say. I have learned so much great things through blogging and met some great people.

I am the youngest of a big family. With four sisters, a step-sister, a brother and a step brother keeping in touch can get tough even when some live in the same town. My family has always been such a huge part of my life. When I lost my mother at a very young age, my older sisters(we'll keep their ages out of this), my brother, and father became even more important to me. They are the ones I call when I need advice, comfort, truths or love. Through it all they have always loved me. I know we may not always agree with one another's decisions but we have always been there for each other. I am thankful for my father and mother for having so many children. I am thankful that they believe in me and are there when I need them. I am thankful that my mother lived and lived well. I am thankful that she gave me the tools early on in life to help me be the woman I am now. Thank you family and friends for all the love you have given and will give.

This leads me to "I am thankful" contest.

Since Thanksgiving is coming around the corner and it is a time for family and thanks, I figured a good name for my contest would be the "I am thankful" contest. To enter please leave a comment telling me who and what are you most thankful for? How do you show your thanks?

The ways you can enter are the following: your comment gets you 1 entry, posting about this contest gets you another entry, and you get 1 entry for each reader who mentions you here. I will be closing the contest midnight on November 25, 2007.

The prize you ask...well I'm excited about this one...the prize will be a pack of cards designed by my sister, Cristina, who just opened up an etsy shop. She's an illustrator and works for a newspaper. She has always designed great cards and stuff for the family and now she started her own company per say called Byvik ink. Please go over and check out her shop, too. She said that a bunch of cards will be going up this weekend...so keep checking back.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my first contest.


  1. Yeah!! a contest is always fun :-) I will post it on my blog tonight :-)

  2. Yay a contest! I came here via Courtney... HI Courtney... I saw about the contest on her blog...

    I'm thankful for my crazy insane but totally fun household... sounds silly but the insanity that goes on in my life keeps me happy, on my toes and always watchful :-)

  3. Hi! Ruff, ruff! :)
    I'm a first time visitor to your blog by way of knitnpurlgurl/ Courtney.

    I'm thankful for my faith, church, family, etc. and lots of knitting friends.

  4. YAY great contest and WOW your sister's work is VERY cool!!! :)

    I came here from my very own favorites list. No one had to send me.

    And thanks for reminding me to be thankful. I'm all morose and needed the reminder. Shame on me.

    I'm thankful for the opportunity to be home with my kids. I'm thankful for my husband, who works so hard to make it happen. I'm thankful for his positive attitude about work and his support of our homeschooling all these years.

    :) thanks Gnat.

  5. I am thankful for my mum, and I try to show my thanks by helping her in any way possible and by knitting her things :D
    I'm also thankful for my golden Avery because I don't know what I'd do without her. I show my thanks to her by brushing her, snuggling her and taking her for walks :D

  6. I am thankful that my dog is doing so well with his cancer treatment and that my employer recently changed their policy to allow employees to bring pets to work when the pet has a vet appointment. I love every minute of the time he spends with me at work every week, though the reason why he's in my office is bittersweet.

    What am I doing about it? I'm continuing to make donations to a couple of animal rescue organizations so that other people can adopt animals and receive medical care for them.

  7. I was reading Courtnery's bog and saw you were having a little contest. Congrats on the 100th post. And I'm totally thankful for my boyfriend, since I found him everything else in my life seems to be falling into place

  8. I followed Michelle over here!

    I'm thankful for my husband. He's my rock, my friend, and so much more.

    That's just one of many... I have so many blessings in my life!

  9. I was told of your contest by Michelle (insanknitty)

    I have also posted about your contest on my blog... I have a special section just for blog contests I know are up and running.

    I am thankful for my MOM. She has been such a help to me and my sisters and our children. We recently had a scare that she had a brain tumor, but the MRI results came back yesterday and there is no sign of any tumors. Praise God, He spared my mom. I am so thankful for that.

  10. boring i know but...my husband!
    16 + years and I still show him in many ways. One way though is getting up with him every morning and making his lunch and coffee. (from mochas to caramel mac's) But then he still shows me right back as well.

  11. I'm thankful for . . . blog contests? More seriously, I'm thankful to wake up every morning and go to the gym and run. I take care of so many people who have lost limbs, that it makes me appreciate my legs.

    Also, I came here from your comment on my blog. Does that mean you get a point for sending me here, or do I get two points? Confusing!

  12. Oh I love contests! And I am posting about it too so be sure to check it out.

    I am thankful for my husband. He is a wonderful man that makes it possible for me to say home with my daughter. He works so hard and is so smart and wise.

  13. Thanks for hosting this contest!

    I'm thankful for many things but the most important is my father. He insisted every one of his daughters go to college and get at least a bachelor's degree. He taught me to stand up for myself, people who are being abused and my convictions even though it may be the hardest thing to do.

    He died ten years ago this year and I honor him and his memory every day by standing up and making a difference. I also named my son after him evn though Dad died before my son was born.

  14. Hi there! I'm thankfulfor my beautiful, brilliant, loving daughter (who is in preschool). She loves to give hugs and kisses to heal booboos (physical and emotional), and is a gracious reciever of kisses/hugs in return. We tell each other (and her father) that we love each other many many times each day - and we really mean it!

    I'm posting your contest to my blog today (later)... KT

  15. I am, truly, grateful to have a terrific, fun family including the world's greatest husband and the world's cutest and most charming little dog!

    Nice idea for a contest, thank you.

  16. What a GREAT idea for a contest!

    I am thankful for people taking the time to genuinely listening to each other (and reading about each other). This online knitting community has really enriched my life in many ways!

    I let people know I'm thankful by simply telling them that I am. Sometimes I gush a bit, but I think telling someone that they said/did something awesome is huge!

  17. I am thankful for my little Neatnik who is probably the brightest child I've ever met and the most compassionate one, as well.

  18. I know it's the obvious answer, but it's the truth: the people I'm most thankful for are my family. Especially my immediate family (my parents and brother), who are always there for me and who are very, very easy to live with - something I notice right away when I'm at school and trying to live with a roommate.

    I'm not sure if I let them know explicitly often enough, but I try to show my thanks by being helpful and kind and easy to live with myself.

  19. I am thanful for my children...they are my reason to live. I hate to sound like I have a favorite...it isn't that but I am so thankful to have been blessed with my youngest child (girl...11yrs old). She was born deaf which at the time scared me to death...how am I supposed to raise a deaf child?! Well, I have since decided that I have been so blessed to have been chosen to receive such a blessing. She has taught me to be thankful, less judgmental of others, more understanding and definitely more patient. She has a gift for touching everyone she comes in contact with. This is not to say that I love her more than my other children just that I am thankful to have been chosen to receive such a blessing.

  20. I am thankful every day
    for seeing the sun come up
    for seeing my children play
    for the love of my husband
    for the use of my hands
    and the ability to teach
    so the art of crafting
    will continue to live
    in future generations

    I am thankful every day
    for being able to do
    what I love to do
    and I send a humble prayer
    to Him, who makes it possible.

  21. oh nice :) A contest. And I found out about it at this blog:

    knitnpurlgurl/ Courtney

    Now to wobble off and post about your contest on my blog. It's getting a bit late to not make mistakes so I hope Blogger doesn't explode with all the cross links that may go bad. Just kidding. Woof!

  22. I am thankful for knitting that keeps me sane and interested in watching the beauty of life. I'm thankful for Love.

  23. Wow, you sister's cards are simply gorgeous!

    And I came here on my own means since I've subscribed to your blog. ;)

    Now, as for things I'm thankful for.
    I'm thankful for my dog who reminds me that I can be stupid and cute at the same time. I show her my thanks by stuffing her face with treats, also proving that you can look cute with huge hips. Lol!
    I'm also thankful for my family and my job. I show my thanks to them by showing up to work and paying rent. Haha!
    And I'm thankful for Wolf who has always been there for me and continues to be there for me. And I show her my thanks by giving her massages.

    Hope that's enough! Lol!

  24. I's thankful I have great kids...honor roll, have lots of friends and are just good... don't get into trouble (much) and get along with eachother, they are crafty and super funny too!!

    they're the best.

    I'll post this on my blog

  25. I am thankful for family and good health. This year has been a trying one with Mom's cancer diagnosis and really made us all step back and rethink a lot.

    I am posting a link to your contest on my blog today also!

  26. Hi! I came here from Knit with KT. I am thankful for my DD who truly understands that she will be my baby forever, and is OK with it, but is able to be an adult anyhow. I am also thankful for my Mom--she has been so much help to so many people in her lifetime, such a good example to my siblings and our children! I am thankful for my career and the friend who led me into it, as I would probably be living in a box without it. I am lastly thankful for my knitting blog friends who have shared their lives and taught me so much about such a wonderful craft.

  27. Thanks for the contest! I am her Via Nichole of Lapdog Creations.

    I am thankful for my husband and my grandmother. My hubby and I got married this September and we are enjoying being newlyweds. I am thankful for my grandmother because she taught me to knit which lead to me seeking out my new (knitting friends)!

    I will be posting your contest on my blog also!

  28. Dandy sent me. :)

    Happy 100th post!

    I am most thankful for my mother. I show it by hugging her lots, and giving her shoulder rubs when I pass by her shoulders.

  29. I am most thankful for my 3 wonderful children and my delicious grandson. I say delicious because all I want to do is eat him up!

    My kids are the most grateful and understanding human beings and although they could have all gone ways wrong, they stayed true to their beliefs and are their own persons..........I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I'm disqualifying myself from the contest for the simple fact that I'm Special K's mom and that wouldn't be fair.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!!!!

  30. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get a set of those cards........hint, hint

  31. Nichole from lapdog creations sent me---- I am thankful that God has spared my life on several occasions and rewarded it with giving me a wonderful hubby (34 years Dec 1) and three very beautiful fully grown adult children. One maybe difficult to connect with at the moment but memories of happier times sustain me every day. What a great contest!!! Grace

  32. Happy 100th post!

    I´m thankful for being alive and healthy, for having food and home, for dear family and friends, for my puppy Molly, for having a job. I´m thankful for having Internet and being able to post here right now!

  33. What a fun contest!! I'm so very thankful for my family. My extended family is really quite small, so each and every one is precious to me. At home, I treasure my husband, sons, and yes, even my dogs, every single day!

    I'll post a link on my blog, too!

  34. That is such a cool competition. We so take our friends and families for granted and it's a good thing to think about them and how thankful we are to have them!

    I am thankful to my mum, who died 10 years ago. She got me through chemo in my 20s and she gave me a great sense of humour to face the rest of my life with. Believe me, it's been my saviour at times!!!!

    I'm thankful to my husband and daughter too. They put up with my bad moods and unpredictability!!! And the opportunity to spend my days doing what I want creatively.

    I'm thankful to my dog as well. She's always there when I need a friendly ear to listen or a big warm hairy cuddle.

    I'm thankful to my friends as well. They are there for me no matter what.

    I shall post this on my blog today and hopefully some more peeps will be appreciating their lives!

  35. I am most thankful for my health.
    At 40, I found myself overweight, miserable and headed for my father's fate, type 2 diabetes.
    I decided to make a change.
    It took me a year, but I lost 80 lbs and regained my life! I am celebrating 6 years at my goal.
    I now work as a fitness instructor, teaching pilates, nordic walking, bodypump and bodyflow.
    I would have never thought that "fluffy" kid hiding in the back of the PE class would end up here.
    Follow your dream, you never know where it just might take you.

  36. What a fun and very meaning full contest! A perfect time. I am most thankful for my husband, as much as he is diferent from me.. we are a perfect match and a perfect team. We show each other everyday how much we mean to each other since it is just the two of us. I also try to sneak in a little extra knitting for him when he needs it the most!

    BTW- KT mentioned the contest over on her blog, so I thought I would give her a shout out for an extra entry. Will post on my blog later on! Thanks for a fun contest!

  37. At the moment I'm thankful for all the years that my dog Buddy has given me. He's gotten me through some of the worst of times. He's a friend that will truely be missed.

  38. I'm thankful for a lot, but mostly:

    -That I live on a farm. I am able to have many animals and venture into breeding. I get to experience both new life and death. I appreciate the little things because of it.

    -I have a wonderful family and fiancee. They are supportive of me all the time, even when I drive them crazy by bringing home "just one more dog/rabbit/chicken/etc." and by having hobbies odd for someone my age.

    -I am thankful for my father. He was shot in the line of duty (deputy sheriff) in 1999 and almost died. He is permanently disabled, but still with us. I don't show my appreciation enough and this blog has reminded me.

  39. Oh and I've posted this on my blog.

  40. I'm thankful for the love of my 2 legged and 4 legged family and friends. Happy 100th post!

  41. Liz at fluffyknitting sent me here to enter your contest.

    I'm thankful for my daughters and the grandchildren they are giving me -- one due this week and one next April. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna be Grams!

  42. WiKnit sent me :-)

    I am posting my thanks every day this month on my blog, Elizabeth Ingersoll. Pick a day to see what I am thankful for!

    In a nutshell, I am trying to be thankful to my God for everything, because I believe it all comes from Him. Big things like my husband, children, good job, to little things,l ike a love of knitting and writing, and shiny faucets :-)

  43. I am Thankful for my Land Lord and his wife. They are such wonderful people. If they were not so wonderful my family and I would be homeless right now. We have not been able to pay rent in 2 months, because my husband is out of work and there is no job in sight. Yet they have not even suggested kicking us out.

  44. hi, i'm entering! great seeing you yesterday and thanks for letting me know about this! i'm adding you to my roll, too, i keep forgetting! see you soon! :)

  45. I am Chris from http://luvtoknitandmuchmore.blogspot.com/ I am grateful for the gift of life. I am grateful for my kids and the 10 wonderful grandkids they have given me. I am grateful that I had my son 21 years before we Lost him. I am grateful for all the wonderful loving relationships I have in my life. I am grateful I still have my mom--how blessed I am. I am expescially grateful to have my loving husband who spoils me rotten.

  46. Chris again from http://luvtoknitandmuchmore.blogspot.com/
    I got your blog from my own side bar and I visit you at least 4 to 5 times a week

  47. I am thankful for my cute little kitty, Ruthie who is curled up under my right elbow as I type and read knitting blogs...

  48. Cool contest!!!!

    I'm thankful that I am able to help animals every single day in my job. I'm thankful that I have the mind and the body to do so as a vet tech!

    I came here via Lapdog's blog! :)

  49. Hi Gnat--I've seen your comments/posts on the let's learn socks KAL (I'm still working on my first pair) but haven't had the time to stop by...I'm glad that even if it took a contest, that I finally made it! I love finding cool blogs and in particular, other bloggers who are not only knitting enthusiasts but outdoor enthusiasts as well!

    Remembering what I'm thankful for is a good exercise, contest or not. Especially recently when I'm so overwhelmed with work and school that I tend to be negative! I think I am most thankful for my friends. The ones who know me so well that they can read my feelings/my moods even from afar and will do anything in their power to try to cheer me up if I'm struggling. Unexpected care packages, a card, a phone call...it works both ways and I'm lucky to have that kind of friendship in my lifetime.

  50. I am most thankful for my husband. I couldn't imagine a better relationship. Or a non-knitter who was more understanding of all the yarn and fiber I bring into the house! Seriously, he is amazing.

  51. I am thankful for so many things - most of all, for my husband, who still delights me and makes me laugh after 20 years!

    Congratulations on your 100th post!

    teabird at Ravelry


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