Sunday, October 10, 2010

Contest: Barknknit WIP Parade

I'm excited to announce a blog contest!  This contest is called Barknknit WIP Parade!  While going through all the things that I have on my needles, I decided that I wished to find out how many things others have on their needles to make me feel better for having so many!  and this contest was born.
How do you enter?

1. Post a WIP post of all your current Works In Progress on your blog.  You can post any project; knitting, spinning, crocheting, sewing, or any other craft you do.  You can write as little or as much about each one as you want.  Some suggestions: How long have you had it on your needles? Are you currently knitting it? What is the pattern and yarn you are working with? and so on.

2. Come back to this post and post a link to your blog post in the comments by October 31st.  You can also email gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com your link as well.

3. If you tweet, post link on your blog or Facebook or share the contest in anyway, you will be entered to win a different prize.  Please let me know you did so I can keep track of these.

After Oct 31st, I will post one big post with all the links to the WIP entries and so you can go through and check out all the "Floats."   Hope you enjoy!

My own WIP Float will be posted shortly so you can see what I mean. :)

PS...feel free to use the logo above on your posts and links.


  1. I tweeted it and Friday/Saturday I'll post pics of wips!

  2. I've got my post up, here:

    WIP Parade

    My blog also automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter, so it's up there, too, though it may take a minute to show up.


    that is the location of my entry, what a great idea for a contest!!!

  4. A fantastic idea! What fun. Here's my float post:

    (Lots of links to you too...)

    I'll let you know as soon as it's tweeted and posted on facebook.


  5. Just posted allll the Wip's and tonight I'll probably have more..LOL.
    or just click on my name and it'll take you there.
    FUN contest...hope all your feeling great and the baby is due when?

  6. Just marched in the parade at:

    Love ya Gnat

  7. Just posted mine on my blog. Here's the link:

    I sort of tweeted about it today, but I'll tweet about it again in just a minute. :)

  8. I posted, here: I don't know how to make pretty little links :( .

    gonna go tweet now! g

  9. I posted a blog about my WIP.. there are a handful!

  10. I posted a link on my Twitter account, as well.

  11. OK My post is here and I linked it back to you I am also going to post on face book and twitter about my post and yours! My twitter name is Knits4u

  12. I'm usually not one to post WIPs, just FOs. I feel more pressure if I know the scant dozen folks who read my blog are wondering if I'll ever finish something. But i just recently did a WIP post, then found your contest!

    My post is at

  13. Here's mine!


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