Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Baby Bump: 24 week update!

Week: 24 weeks
Weight gain: 26 lbs!!  10 lbs in a month!!  It is strange to know that I am only 6 lbs heavier right now than when I got pregnant with Carmen!  I just hope I don't weigh the same at delivery this time than I did last time!   Doctor mentioned to watch my weigh...guess I should lay off the cookies...AFTER the holidays that is!
Baby's sex: Another Team PINK!
Baby's name: The name has been decided but Special K wants to wait until the birth to announce this time.
Sleep: I'm having pains when I move position in my sleep but overall I'm sleeping well and that helps.
Movements: She is very active baby and I love feeling all her kids and punches and general movements!  I'm starting to be able to see her movements from the outside!  So fun!!
Labor Signs:  None.
Belly Button:  Hard to hide.  The maternity pants with the full panel semi hides it but otherwise...it's out there!
Maternity Clothes: Have trouble wearing pre-pregnancy jeans to work as they are just too uncomfortable to sit in all day, but I can wear them about as long as it's short periods. I think it's time to trade the maternity jeans I had before that are too big for a smaller size.
Big Sister Carmen: She is doing so well.  She has this knack of elbowing my belly when she is sitting in my lap but we are working on that.  She still loves to give kisses and hugs to my belly!  She also has sung to my belly! 
This past week: I've been trying to take it easy overall.  This isn't an easy thing to do with a toddler and plans but managed to do ok.  I've been still having the tightness when I walk that goes go away until I relax and I've been having general aches and pains. 
Doctor's Visit:  I had my doctor's apt today.  The baby is doing great!  Strong heartbeat at 158 b/m.  My blood pressure and the other stuff they do each visit was all great!  My belly is measuring a week ahead...as Special K said "So, we really might have an April Fools day baby?"  Who knows but that would be interesting. :)  She also said that I need to get a belly support since I've been having all the lower pressure and the aches and pains!  She said that the belly tightening when I walk is semi-normal and that if it doesn't relax when I sit down or it starts acting like contractions that I need to call.  She said my muscles and ligaments are all looser this time and that I need to try a belly support and that I may just not be able to walk everyday with this pregnancy like I did with Carmen.  She suggested yoga, swimming, or Pilates.  We'll see.
Next Doctor's Visit: January 16th...also have my glucose test that day...yuck!
Looking forward to: the holidays!!  Having time off with my family and then my MIL coming to visit!  I know we'll be busy but it will be great to spend the holidays at home with family!  YAY!!!
Overall, I am a little in shock about the weight gain because I don't feel it's shows overall other than my belly is just getting huge!  I really am worried about not being able to walk...I know that seems silly but I really enjoy walking the dogs.  Not being able to walk them would be sad but I know it will be worth it once we have a little baby in a couple months.  Someone pointed out that I'm 5 months pregnant...I've been keeping track in weeks and it feels so far but 5 months means 4 months left...and that doesn't seem so long.  I have one more monthly apt then I start going on bi-weeklies!  This pregnancy is going fast and I know I just need to savor it!  Need to remind myself to sit, just be, and feel her move more often.

Thanks for reading another baby bump update!!

Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. Yay for the good report! I'm hoping the belly support will do the trick and you can keep walking...


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