Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baby Bump: 37 week Update!

Not going to apologize for the little hiatus...explanation is in the post! Hope you enjoy and will hopefully be posting some more soon!! :) Have some knitting and lots of pictures to share!
Week: 37 weeks and 2 days.  Any day now!!!
Weight gain: 47 lbs so far...which is WAY more than I gained with Carmen. 
Baby's sex: Team Pink!  
Baby's name: Been decided but not announcing until after birth!  Per Daddy. :)
Sleep: This has been tough.  My hips go numb in the night and rolling over is a chore.  I usually end up catching up on sleep throughout the day as night time is not always successful for me.
Movements:  She is losing a lot of her room so the movements are different, however, she moves a lot.  When we were in the hospital the first time with pre-term labor at 35 wks, I could tell a contraction was coming because she would kick right before it started.  
Labor Signs:  Where do I begin...on March 7th I was at work and I had been feeling contractions since the night before.  After lunch I finally started to time them and they were coming every 2-5 mins.  I called the OB and she said that I should go into the hospital triage.  At this point, I was overwhelmed with that idea and started to cry.  I called my sister who was leaving work at this point and she told me she'd meet me at home and take me in and to calm down.  I texted Kenny at work and told him to stay there but that I was going to go in with my sister to triage to be monitored.  When we finally got into triage that afternoon, the contractions were every 2-3 minutes.  They checked me and I was 1 cm dialated.  At this point, they decided to monitor me for an hour and see if the contractions slowed or if I was progressing.  The hour came and they checked me and the contractions had not slowed and I was 2 cm.  They decided to give me a shot to slow the labor and it was supposed to last 45 and hopefully slow them enough but they only slowed to 4 mins apart and once the 45 mins were up they came right back at 2-3 minutes apart.  After that didn't work, they decided to try a pill.  They would load me up on the pill by giving me one pill every 10 mins for 30 mins and then it would take another 30 for them to work...let's just say that did NOTHING!  So, the nurse said she would wait until 9 pm and check me again...if I was progressing still I would most likely be admitted.  We waited, she came and checked, and I was 3 cms at this point.  So, I was given an IV and moved into a labor & delivery room. that was most the excitement for the night.  My other sister went to the house to stay with little miss CGR, who had been put to bed by her daddy, and her daddy came and joined us.  The plan was not to help things along and just to see how the night went.  The nurse had warned that the IV may slow the contractions and they did.  Once I was able to rest in the l&d room, my contractions started to slow throughout the night.  When the doctor came in the morning and checked me, I was still a 3 and was sent home on pre-term labor precautions.  At almost 36 weeks, it was too late for bed rest but she said not to do anything to provoke the contractions and to rest as much as possible.  To make an already long story shorter, I have since gone back one night with painful contractions but weren't progressing me.  I've been on maternity leave since March 8th and just resting and trying to keep this baby in as long as possible.  We've hit 37 weeks so it's time. 

Operation walk this baby out has started and I am really hoping that things progress soon but now that I'm not working, I fear I will still be pregnant April 9th on my due date.  We'll see.  I'm having regular contractions, lots of pain, but nothing that would count as labor yet.  

Maternity Clothes: If it's not maternity then it's my husbands t-shirts and something very comfortable!
Big Sister Carmen: She has been a trooper!  I'm usually the one who gives her a bath and does a lot with her but since I've not been able to, others and her daddy have taken over.  I can tell she's noticed as she is a bit more of a momma's girl than normal.  She gives the baby lots of hugs and kisses and I even have her asking the baby to come out and play. :)  My daycare was closed yesterday so she stayed home with me and it was tough but we did it.  She didn't nap and I was super sore at the end of the day but we had a good time and lots of cuddles, fun, and play were had.  Love my big girl!

Past couple weeks: With being home now, I'm still exhausted all the time but not as bad as I was when I was working.  My body is tired and sore most the time but I've been focusing on knitting, resting, and my family and that has helped.  Baby will come when she's ready...but we are ready for her.
Doctor's Visit:  Had a doctor's visit today.  We are on every wed I have one.  The doctor today was distracted as there was another pregnant lady being sent to hospital from their office.  All my vitals were great and baby's heartbeat strong.  She checked me and I'm still 3 cm so she said just hang in there.  She mentioned we could talk induction if I get to 39 weeks but I'm not ok with that.  As much as I want to be done, I also want this girl coming when she's if we go past 40 weeks...then I'll be more open to induction.  They did an u/s at last apt and baby was already measuring 7lb 4oz but as the doctor reminded me several times, that guess is usually wrong and I should not worry about delivering a huge baby.  And that she is confident I can get through this.  That helped.
Next Doctor's Visit: Next wednesday the 27th...hoping not to make it that far but the apt is there. 
Looking forward to: Being comfortable again.  Holding this baby girl.  Carmen meeting her sibling! (Same as 2 weeks ago but it's the truth!)
Todos: Other than go into labor, rest, still need to sort through Carmen's clothes and everything else is done!
Overall, I am trying to focus on the positives!  Just take things one day at a time and know that God has a plan for me and this baby.  God knows this baby's birthday and when it's time he'll let me know.  I have faith that everything is going as he planned it and I'm putting my full trust in his plan.  Reminding myself often that he has perfect timing and he has had his hand in everything about this pregnancy and just trusting that.

Thanks for reading another baby bump update!!

Happy Wednesday!  


  1. Oh goodness!! You've been through a lot already. I hope she makes her debut very soon.

  2. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Hoping you don't have to wait much longer. You're looking really uncomfortable. Best wishes!

  3. Hang in there Nat!! Miss you!


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