Friday, January 4, 2008

Swollen toe.

My toe is swollen. This particular toe has been giving me some trouble over the last week or so. Up until last night though it had only been achy. I worked a long day yesterday, then helped a friend move some furniture and had hot chocolate and churros over at my sister Tam's house.
Double YUMMO!!! I didn't get home and take off my shoes until about 7:30 and when I did I saw this....

Yes...a swollen toe. Sorry to include my ugly feet. :) Well, I took some ibuprofen and off to bed I went but was awoken at 4am in tremendous pain. Special K got me some ice and that helped but when I had to get up early and head to work it was very unpleasant trying to put on shoes. Who would have thought a lousy toe can cause so much pain. I made an apt with my doctor and took half the day off work. The doctor said it is inflamed and may have some kind of infection. He took x-rays, which I think showed it wasn't broken but no one said anything to me. Did I mention I'm not a huge fan of my General Practitioner. Well...I'm home now with antibiotics(which I hate but he threatened to cut my foot and let the infection out if I don't take them) and have spent the afternoon off my feet and napping. Special K and I are having some Chinese food delivered and spending the night relaxing.

I got some knitting done on my sock today as I was trying to distract myself from the pain and was sitting in the hospital for three hours. I knit on the sock and listen to podcasts in the waiting room. I'll have to post about the podcasts I've discovered recently that I am enjoying. Well..hope everyone is good. I'm heading back to bed and hoping food gets here soon.

Happy Knitting.

PS. This whole toe thing kind of puts a set back to my exercise routine but I plan on starting as soon as it heals.


  1. Hope your toe feels better soon! Keep up with those antibiotics, just in case, you know.

  2. SERIOUSLY, take the antibiotics. And if you start having flu-like symptoms, go to the doctor right away. Seriously.

    I am so paranoid about infections these days. It's better to be safe than sorry. Bad stuff can sneak up on you really quickly.

    Hopefully it's just a sprain or something though. But be careful.

  3. Awh, hope your toe feels better. Gotta heal before the "big dance".

  4. That's just gross! You could of at least had a pedicure before you took the picture, or photoshopped a nice looking toe!

  5. Thanks everyone whose been commenting. For some reason I'm not getting any updates to my email on whose been commenting. Thank you though.

  6. Oh and no I couldn't get a manicure. What manicurist would touch that doctor barely wanted to. :)


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