Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crazy, busy's some catch up.

So, we'll start with the pups. They are doing really well. As you can see here that Abigail will make herself comfortable where ever she wants. :)
and Jackjack...well this picture says it all. :)
If you haven't please go check out the Video Episode of the Barknknit podcast posted last week. You can find it here.

I'm doing really good but so busy!! I've stayed late a lot at work lately and my dad is in town with my step mom so we've been keeping really busy!! I have been getting a lot of knitting done but not much spinning.

I cast on a Shawl for the Barknknit listener group on Ravely's Sept Shawl KAL. The pattern I chose is the Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante and using HazelKnits Artisan Yarn in Purple.
I also made a pattern for a car faub holder for Kenny's Step-mom. Hers broke so it wouldn't stay on her keys so I knit her something to help her out.
and here is another pic. :)
Today I also recorded another episode of the podcast and include a review of Namaste's Snap Bags.
and their new clutch!
Let's just say I'm a huge fan of both. The Snapbags are great for projects and you can see everything in them so it's easy to find what you are looking for when I grab something from inside my purse! The clutch is very stylish and I got compliments of it when I took it out with me to a wedding last weekend.

Well...I hope you enjoyed this drive by post. :) I'm off to get ready for some friends to come over for some games. It was impromptu. It all depended on whether Michigan won or not. JK! :)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. The puppies are so darn cute! I love that Abby just last there with her head resting under the table LOL. The shawl is coming along nicely!

  2. Looks like you caught JackJack mid-wriggle. lol Love the keyfob holder. :-)

  3. looks like my two pups! they can get comfortable anywhere and take up as much space as possible at the same time :)


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