Saturday, March 28, 2015

Masterpiece and a new design: Diamond Transitions Hat

As I've mentioned before, I have started teaching classes at my local yarn store Stash - A place for yarn.  I began with teaching a toe-up afterthought heel sock class, which inspired publishing a sock pattern for my students.  Next request for a class topic was a color work class.  Color work is one of those techniques that often scares people because it looks so difficult but in reality it's not.  When planning for the class, I decided that I wanted to design my own hat pattern to teach from.  I had never designed a chart or a hat pattern but I'm very excited about what came of it.  Hope you enjoy it too!

Diamond Transitions Hat

My finished Project details
Pattern: Diamond Transitions Hat by Natalie Martinez Rush
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight in Currant and Callalilly
Cast on date: Jan 22nd, 2015
Finished date: Jan 27th, 2015
Notes: Ever since I knit the stockings for my family, I have come to love knitting colorwork and how it looks.  I was asked to teach a class and I figured this was the best time to try my hand at designing a hat to teach colorwork with.  I had so much fun playing with this chart!  I really wanted it to transition into another color as I love how that effect looks.  Once the pattern was set in my head and the chart on paper, this hat knit up quickly!  Of course, now little Miss Carmen requested a pink one so while the pattern currently only has a size medium, I will be adding to the pattern as more sizes are fleshed out.  If you buy it now, ravelry will alert you when the pattern is updated!  So excited about how this came out and hope you enjoy knitting it if you choose to!
This pattern can be purchased via Ravelry by visiting this page here or the link below.

The pattern can also be purchased as part of a kit from my local yarn store Stash - a place for yarn.  The kit comes with a copy of the pattern and 2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight yarn in the colors of your choice. Special price of $20, plus shipping, US only.  She has a lot of options so please call the shop for further details.

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Go you!! I miss teaching, but can't imagine teaching now that Rosanne is gone. Beautiful hat!


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