Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekends, a contest, more dogs!

It's the weekend again and oh how I enjoy not having to go to work. I'm having a bit of a rough time at work lately so my weekdays have been stressful and weekend precious. I woke up this morning early to get some blog reading and a post up before I head to Orlando with two of my sister's, a brother-in-law, and a nephew to hit the new IKEA over there. I have no money to spend but I love the store so am excited to see it. I have my travel knitting packed which is my Rainbow sock and am ready to hit the road.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend too. Thank you all for joining the Barknknit Podcast group on Ravelry and for all the great support for my podcast.

I'll go back to regular posts on here soon. I've been having too much fun playing around with all this new fun stuff. I'm thinking of revamping my main page soon. I want to integrate all three sites better. So stay tuned for that.

Tonight we are heading over to a family friend of Special K's dad who is having an engagement party for one of his sons. I asked Special K where is our engagement party but he said he doesn't care about it or want to have one. Oh well. I tried. :) I guess he could say the same about my family but they did have a little dinner for us when we got back. That counts. I don't really think there is a "need" for an engagement party anyway. We will celebrate our marriage in December anyway. (it's just so long away) Ok...enough with that. I'm just being silly.

Contest sharing!! Knittinggal is having a contest go over at her blog. Go forth and check it out!! I love her blog and her puppies.

Also Dogs on Thursday is going Orange for Animals !! Join us by putting this up on your blog.

Well...I'm off to finish getting ready for the fun drive. :)


  1. I hope you had a fun trip! I never had an engagement party either...

  2. Oh I remember my engagement party!
    It was hysterical! It was in late September and we had a terriable heatwave that year and the airconditioner broke 20 min. in to the party, there were more people than parking places, the dog ate the meat and cheese platter and puked on the carpet, then my bestfriend of 25 years came out of the closet and My uptight boss got so drunk he fell of the porch!
    Yep, I have some vague memories of my wedding but I will never forget that party.
    I hope your party is as memorable, but without the drunk boss and puking dog part!

    By the way you have been tagged, see my blog.

  3. Hope it was a fun time at the party!

  4. You are too cool! Podcats!!! Wow I can't wait to listen in. I have really let Ravelry go as I have so much to do. Good luck on your new endevors.


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