Monday, June 1, 2009

Fibery fun! Still trying to catch up. Twilight...again!! I'm trying to get better about posting more! From June 1st on...I'm going to work on getting at least something small up every day or every other day. :) Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

First off...Frankie update.
He is doing better!!! He now only has 2 paws covered and still has his cone. :) We may be able to get all of them off tomorrow! YEAH!! I can't wait for him the cone off because it just makes him so uncomfortable sometimes. I'll take some pictures of him and my other babies to share with you on friday. ;) fiber fun day! For the day after my birthday I went to Manda's for our own personal Fibery Fun day! We had a blast. She let me play with her drum carder and I fell in love!!

So...first off I spread out the fleece I got from the WI sheep farmer and found some really nice part of it. Yes its' still dirty but that's ok...there isn't a lot of VM(Vegetable Matter) in it.
Then I separated out other parts too so I could do a couple different samples and scour them in my sink. Look at the diry fleece getting clean. YUMMY!! The left is the stuff that had a lot of VM in it and wasn't that clean so I just threw it in the HOT HOT water with some dawn. The right is some of the cleaner parts that I put in a lingerie bag and then washed once with Dawn and once with Kookaburra's Scour. (I still have my review of their product coming.)

Both came out pretty clean but the right stuff was so pretty and clean! The roots still had a bit of junk in it but...
Check out how clean it came out in the end!! After I let it dry, I took it over to Manda's with me and I used her flicker and drum carder to card a bunch of it up. Took me a little bit to get the hang of it but I love it! I have not started spinning it up yet but I can't wait!
Manda for my birthday let me dive into her fiber stash and use her drum carder to make myself some pretty superwash merino batts! They are so pretty too! Again..haven't spun it up yet but I can't wait! I'm almost too excited to spin it up!
So, have I mentioned that I LOVED the drum carder! I really want one now. With all the fiber I have that needs would really help to have one. I think I might try to save up for one and get one used at a good price. There...I put it out there. :)

Well...other than Frankie, Fiber, knitting, and spinning...I've fallen again...into Twilight! This past Saturday after taking Frankie to the vet, than getting my allergy shots, and then cleaning my house...I headed over to Manda's again for an afternoon of Twilight and knitting. We watched the move and most the extras! It was fun! But it sparked my love of Twilight...again! I should say my love of Edward!! Well, when I got home I jumped online and downloaded the potential next book of the series that Stephanie started but hasn't completed because some one leaked it...anyway I read it and it's Twilight in Edwards perspective...and I must admit I love him now more than I did before. :) heheehehhehe Ok..yes, I'm a teenager at heart. after reading all evening until midnight Saturday, getting up and reading until I had to get ready to the Rays baseball game..and then getting home from the game, grocery shopping, eating dinner and reading all evening....I am done with it. It wasn't the whole book but enough to make me want more and more. I want/have to go back and re-read the series. I keep going back and forth on whether I want to start with the first again or jump to the second but we'll see. I feel I need to start with Twilight but New Moon is calling my name too! Especially after the new trailer came out!!

Check it out!'s a knitting blog...not a twilight fan blog. :) Can't help myself. It looks awesome and so much better than the first one. Not that the first movie was bad.

Well...I will be back! I will try not to fall off the face of the earth into Twilight land. :) I have been thinking of trying to listen to it so I can still knit or spin...but I LOVE books. heheh

Happy Spinning, Knitting, Dog Training/loving/walking, and Twilight Reading!!


  1. It's great that Frankie is doing better! Isn't trying out new fiber equipment so much fun? The only problem is that it makes me want it all. I can't wait to see your final handspun.

    I'm a bit of a closet Twilight fan, I ended up going to see the movie with a whole bunch of macho guys - very funny to see their reactions. Offered them the books but for some reason none of them have been that interested :)

  2. yay for frankie!

    i love all that awesome fiber, I need to get my drop spindle out and really learn how to spin.

    Hmmm twilight. I just can't get into it.

  3. Glad Frankie is healing well.

    Love that blue fiber, and wow how white that white is!

    I still haven't seen the Twilight movie. I'll have to work on correcting that.

  4. oooooo, I ended up getting a dog!!!!!!!! We just adopted a littel boxer mix today from the shelter. I am going to update my blog about her!

  5. The fiber looks great... and I must say I LOVE that trailer... I SOOOO cant wait for the movie to come out...I am going to make special socks to wear to the movie and a scarf too.... that makes me want to watch Twilight again...I will watch it tomorrow :-) I am going to post that on my blog too...tee hee:-) Go Team Edward!!

  6. so glad Frankie is recovering...what a scarey thing to happen...crazy dogs....

  7. Hey BarknKnit Crew! I'm glad you posted the trailer for New Moon. I'm just now reading the book, I'm a little behind on most things!


  8. I'm glad Frankie is doing better too.
    I loved the book and movie Twilight. Cannot wait till the next movie comes out. Thanks for the sneak preview.

  9. Poor Frankie and you guys! What an ordeal.
    I am glad he is doing better.
    Happy Belated Birthday!

    I just love your wool!
    Isn't it amazing how it washes up so white?
    I was shocked the first time I did that, to see it go from grungy to clean and white!

  10. What gorgeous fiber!! I want a drum carder soooooo bad! :)

    Glad to hear that Frankie is doing better, poor little guy.


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