Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sewing with my sister!

I have so much to write about but this is going to be a sewing update! My sister and I worked together along with some brainstorming with her daughter to come up with a St. Patty's day outfit for Carmen. You won't get to see the finished outfit until later but it's got a tutu!!

We used a tutorial I found on for the tutu and it was super easy!(Link has been added) . We got lots of tulle, some elastic, and some ribbon. My sister has done most if not all of the work on that.
We also decided to do some onsies. I bought a pack of plain white onsies from Marshals, some wonder under, and fabric. We also used some fabric scraps I had. I cut up some stencils, ironed on the wonder under onto the fabric, traced the stencil on back on wonder under and then cut it out. After that I pealed off the wrapper and then ironed that onto the onsie. Then my sister did the sewing. She did a great job!
I love how they came out!! I think the shamrock will be used more often than just next sat! It's hard to choose my favorite but I love love the dog bone!!

I will share some picture in later posts with Carmen in them but hope you enjoyed this quick seeing update! I hope to make more in future! I know we've got lots of fun seeing ideas! Just need the time!

Happy sewing!!

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