Thursday, December 27, 2012

Knitting: House Cup planning term!!

The new winter term starts on Tuesday the 1st of January for the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House CUP!  I had been contemplating taking a sabbatical this term, since I'm due beginning of April and the term is Jan, Feb, and March...I'll be in my third trimester and while I was very productive at this time when I was pregnant with CGR...that doesn't mean I will be with this baby.  However, I'm holding out hope that I can AT LEAST meet the minimum requirements of 1 class a I put my name into the sorting hat!  I will hopefully be playing again as a Gryffindor!!

That being said...I need to get my planning all done so that I can be prepared for the new term and HOPEFULLY meet my goal of 3 classes this term...with hopes of more.  I haven't gone through my stash yet and figured out the yarn I have or need for these projects yet, but I have picked the patterns I can focus on once the class prompts go up on the first!  I have a couple other projects that I want to get done but not wanting to post those patterns/projects here since they are gifts.  Also...right now my knitting is all about whatever strikes my fancy that day.  I haven't finished much so whatever I am wanting to knit I'm going to somethings are getting pushed around in my queue.

Potential Class projects for next term:
  1. a pair of Fingering Weight Baby Mittens for the new baby
  2. Daphne and Delilah the Momma and Baby Monster for Carmen’s big sister gift
  3. Baby-Love Sling for Carmen for another part of her big sister gift!
  4. a pair of Raindrop socks for Carmen
  5. a pair of Eviepants All in One Booties for the new baby.
  6. an Aviatrix hat that matches booties for new baby
  7. an Aviatrix hat that matches baby’s for Carmen
For my potential broom…this may change:
1. A pair of socks for someone special.  This is a surprise so that's all you get.  I'm hoping to have these done before I deliver but if not the person will understand.  Normally I wouldn't say it would take me 2 months to knit socks...but since it's my third trimester...I have a feeling it will. :)

Detention project:
I have been working on a Penelope the Empathetic Monster by Rebecca Danger for the 600 Monsters Strong for Connecticut.  I'm knitting all the pieces and getting it close to seaming up so I can turn in for WIP the first!

I'd also like to start spinning again but not sure where I'll fit it in yet so don't want to put it into my planning quite yet.

Hope you enjoyed these patterns and my planning post! 

Happy Knitting!!

Are you playing in the House Cup this term?  What house?  Do you do planning like this?

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