Monday, March 4, 2013

Mamarazzi Monday: Let's do this!

I came across this really cute idea for a link up on Counting Blessings blog.  She just had a cute little boy and I love seeing all those newborn pictures so I thought I would join in this week!  Hope you enjoy the extra pictures of my girl.

This weekend we went to Coast Guard open house at a local CG station.  It was chilly and the walking around was a bit much for me...but Carmen had fun checking out the boats and especially the helicopter so it was worth it!
We also got our hair trimmed!  Mommy got her pre-baby haircut and Carmen got her bangs trimmed!  They were getting in her eyes and so it was time!  She did so good and had fun at the salon!
 Lastly, we got her a potty seat!  I'm still not ready to push the potty training as the idea of having a newly potty trained toddler and a newborn brings me a bit of panic.  I am hoping once the baby comes and we get settled a little bit that she'll be ready to train but I'm not in a hurry and just plan to wait until she's ready.  She does look TOO cute sitting here on her new potty on her fake phone! ;)

Well, hope you enjoyed the first week of Mamarazzi Monday! Can't guarantee this will be a regular post but it's an awfully cute one! :)


  1. Are those fire trucks on her jammies?

  2. What a cute hair cut she got!!


  3. EEEK!! She is PRECIOUS! I love her curly hair, and that she has her ears pierced - what a cute girl!!! Thanks for linking up :)


  4. Hi there! Thank you SO MUCH for linking up with us this week! What an adorable little girl you have! :) I love the ear piercings, too! She's a sweetheart! I hope you'll join us again next week!

    Breanna :)


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