Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garden Love: Testing out my green thumb.

One of the most exciting things about owning a home to me is finally being able to plant flowers and play in dirt!
This weekend my sister Fleas and I decided it was time to work on 2 of the planters attached to our house.  Because we are still on a pretty tight budget since my unpaid maternity leave, we didn't want to spend much.  My sister came up with an idea to use clippings from her flowers and some from our other sister's house.  

So Sunday morning, we took the girls to Home Depot and bought several bags of topsoil and 2 bags of cow manure.  We got home and used some rakes to turn over and aerate the soil in the planter on the side of our house.  When we first looked at this planter, it looked like it was all sand but once we started digging in we found lovely lovely dirt!  We mixed up what was in there and then spread out a layer of cow manure.  After that we topped it off with a layer of the topsoil.  
Once the planter was full of lovely dirt/cow manure, we went over and clipped some of my sister's vinca flowers across the street and planted those with some plant food mixed in.  3 of these were off shoots of her current plants and had lots of roots, these look like they are picking up faster than the ones that had no or little roots.  
This is mainly an experiment to see if this will work, I know that it would work better to root the clippings in a pot first.  If it doesn't work the way we are trying it, we will just try again with new clippings and follow the right way but I hope at least some of these take.
Carmen's Aunt Lecia aka fleas bought Carmen her own flower to plant.  Carmen got to pick one and she picked a pretty yellow marigold.

The last part of our gardening was to take clippings from my sister G's red pentas and planted those in the planter by our front window.  This section had a layer of mulch so we just moved that over, dug holes, filled with new dirt and plant food, and planted the clippings.  
You can also see our papaya tree my friend gave us, which is currently living in a pot until we can decide where it will live.  It's had a ton of new growth and am so excited about it!
It was fun spending the morning in the sun, working with our hands, and getting dirty with my sister and Carmen.  I can't wait to see how these flowers do and plant more flowers, bushes, and trees around our new home!  Might be silly but it makes me so happy to do little things to make our house a home.

Carmen had a great time getting dirty as you can tell by this picture my niece took!  My niece and sister G came over and hung out with Maria and Carmen while we finished up planting.  It was a fulfilling morning!

Happy Gardening!!

What kind of flowers have you been successful with planting?  Do you have any advice for this gardening novice?  Would like to get some indoor plants eventually.  Any suggestions?

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