Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dogs on Thursdays!!

Busy at work today so there won't be many words for this one. Mainly these are pictures of my pups with me or Special K. :)
Taking a nap with the pups.

"Yeah, mommy, we are running and playing at Field day"

"I am the cutest dog and people like me"

Last Halloween... :)
Hope you liked the quick picture update. :) I love Dogs on Thursdays!!!


  1. That picture w/the two babies looks like pure heaven...I'm so jealous!! Snuggly doggies are the best!!

  2. Great pics!!! :)
    hey btw, did you order yourself a "Crazy Dog Lady" tee off Cafe Press? :)

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who can appreciate napping in a puppy pile. :)

  4. What beautiful and intelligent pups. As for the napping. I am amazed. Grover lays on me and I cannot breath. And the tee-shirts. Wow! I am so impressed. You got them both dressed?

  5. Reminder - Don’t forget to look for the snitch Saturday to help out the Gryffindor house. We rock.

  6. Got to spend a weekend with those beautiful beasts and I've never been around dogs that were so well behaved.

    Is there such thing as grand-dogs?

    Love to you both

  7. Your pups are so sweet and well behaved. I love the puppy pile up. Our pup sleeps with us (all 95 pounds) and I love it. He is so warm and snuggly. i call him my snuggle pup! Keep having fun with them.


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