Sunday, December 16, 2007

Knitting...actual knitting!!

Ok. Yes, I do realize that this happens to be a knitting blog...hence the knit in Bark n Knit. :) So, I figured I'd have a post with actual knitting in it. Wow...what a concept. :) I have been using knitting needles and creating stuff. First off here's the first project I'm working on. Which is a Christmas present for Surfer Girl. I've had a bit of trouble with this hat. NOT because of the pattern but first off I took it to Wed SnB and had to rip back a couple rows...I was not paying attention. Then for some reason Jack and Abby have discovered my ziploc bags which contain yarn and knitting and have decided to open them up with their teeth and find out what's inside. I spend quite a bit of time yesterday untangling the yarn. Ye.s, they are still alive. :) The pattern is Utopia Hat from Smariek Knits. It's been an easy knit and for my second cable project a fun one.

To update those of you not following along on my ravelry projects. :) Here is the finished Fawkes Sock number 1. I've cast on for the the second one but slow progress.

I also wanted to share with you a Thank you gift from my Dishcloth swap pal Heathir. What's horrible is that I guess I never even noticed that she posted on her blog about my package. I had been checked when I sent it but totally missed it. You have to admit November was a strange month but I'm slacking. Well..if you want to check out the package I sent her, which I'm so glad she liked, go check out her blog. She is also the first person in a swap who sent a Thank you gift. Which by the way is a great idea that I need to think of doing and her gift was even greater. She sent me a needle roll and an awesome keychain sock blocker sock. :) AWESOME!!!

There's some knitting....finally. I have a couple of catch up post to come too.

This weekend we spent a lot of time working on the house and our yard, very little knitting got done. Today Special K's dad showed up with a ton of sod and we laid it in the backyard where all the sand is now. We also went to Home Depot, one of my favorite stores, and bought a new hose, sprinkler, hose nozzle(I LOVE IT) and some fertilizer. I never knew how fun spreading fertilizer with a spreader was either. :) FUN!!!

So...I'm sleepy now and I'm planning on curling up in bed and watching the Iron Chef America's Holiday Dessert battle. OH What fun it is to watch people cook!! If only the TV could let us taste the food too. :)

Have a great night and hope everyone had a good weekend.


  1. That sock looks great. I can't wait to see that finished hat!

  2. Busy girl...the projects look great. I agree i wish you could sample the goodies from tv cook shows!

  3. Cute hat! I felt like I was reading one of my own posts, lol... I've gotta get some knitting content posted soon too!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I would have e-mailed you directly but did not know your e-mail addy.

    Mine is

    I like your blog!!!

  5. Hi ho, I have been reading my blogroll and all those northern snow pics have got my pining for a White Christmas. Then I came to your's and realize the pleasures in warm weather, pink yarn on weathered wood and laying sod in December!


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