Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thankful Tuesdays!

I'm thankful this week for knitting. I know what your thinking..."duh" or as my family will think..."are you serious?" I just want to say that knitting has brought a lot to my life. I feel acomplishment when I finish a project or get through a tough part of a project I'm working on. I am ok with ripping back and reknitting. I feel great when I am able to do a new technique I didn't think I could do. I love how I feel I can complete any project if I just take it one stitch at a time. I need to start thinking about life like I do knitting. It's ok to take a step back with things that need work. I can accomplish anything as long as I take it one day at a time. Try new things because I'll feel great afterwards. Knitting may seem like just a hobby but it's brought friends and wonderful feelings into my life.

Speaking of knitting....it's also nice when you get tons of free yarn in goodie bags!! This past saturday's Stitch n pitch was so fun...but the bags added to that. (Yes, the company was great too) They contained a bunch of great stuff. Here's a quick piture of the bags and stuff in it. PS...It had Encore and some other yarn but I traded for some more sock yarn. :)

SnP bag_Contest prize

They started giving away more bags after the 6th inning so I scored a couple bags and a ton of sock yarn!!


Since I ended up with so many extra bags I'm planning a contest. When I finally get my next podcast episode up I'll post about my contest and talk about it on there. :) It's my motivation.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Happy Knitting!!


  1. Wow! That was some nice stuff in the goodie bags.

  2. Wow that's a nice goodie bag! I'm impressed!

    My thoughts exactly when it comes to knitting and life. Knitting has brought many good things to my life as well. You could not have said it better!

  3. What a major league ( ;o) ) lucky score on the extra bags!

  4. Impressive goodie bag and getting more than one can't have hurt. I like knitting for many of the same reasons, everyday it teaches me something.

  5. Nice goodies> And you might as well take it one day at a time--after all all we really have is this moment. And knitting keeps me calm and focused. Happy knitting.

  6. Sounds like fun!! I cant wait!

  7. wow what a lovely collection of yarns...you lucky ducky!! I can't wait for the competition, not that I have any luck but its fun!

  8. Wow really cool stuff. Our local SnP rained out. we're hoping to resched next month.

  9. WOW - what a GREAT goody bag! The last yarn goody bag I got as last year's Knit & Crochet show and it was full of red heart, moda dea, etc - NOT awesome yarn like you!


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