Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dogs on Thursday catch up!!! Pictures!!

Hi everyone!!! Check me out!! Posting on Thursday! I totally missed last weeks post because we ended up having 3..yes, 3 Thanksgiving dinners!! So, this is going to be a somewhat long post. I'm sorry now. So....let's start with Thanksgiving. I woke up 5:45am to meet my sisters Fleas, sister CZbrats, my nephew Skater Boy and niece Surfer girl to go up to the Turkey Trot. We had fun walking the 5K Fun Run and chatting it up. After that, I went and took a nap while Special K made Cherry Pies...I won't tell you what happen to them...but he did a great job until the end. I had made the Pumpkin Cheesecakes early.

Our first thanksgiving was at my sister Fleas' at 1pm with my family. We had a good time and it was nice to be with my family. Then we headed over to Sk's step-family for our second round at 3pm. We enjoyed the food and then when we were leaving to head back to my family..I called and they said we are just off to take the dogs for a walk and we'll be back. By the time I got there they had realized that my cousin, who was out of town's dog had gotten out of their backyard and ran off. So...some of us jumped in cars and some on bikes and roamed the neighborhood. We didn't find Diego that night which was crazy but we found him the next day in someone's backyard. The lady had found him soon after he had gotten out and his tag with the number had fallen off so she couldn't call. He seemed well...even though she said he got into some syrup from their breakfast. :)

Well...that Thanksgiving night, while SK was driving around for an hour or more, he found a house he really liked that was for rent in my sister's neighborhood. This is a man who has not wanted to live so close to my sisters, so I was interested in looking at the house! So, after he talked about it more on Friday night at his Dad's Thanksgiving dinner with a deep-fried turkey(which I had never had)...our 3rd, we decided to go find it. It took us 30 minutes to find it but when we did we checked it out. SK still liked it so we decided to call the landlord. We met up with him on Saturday and the house is nice. It's bigger than ours and all tile. Has an actual driveway, a garage, a bigger kitchen and bedrooms! The yard is fenced and not as big as ours now but still a good size. SK really liked it still and I did as well. The house is 2 blocks from my sister CZbrat, 3 blocks from my sister Fleas, 5 blocks from my cousin LD, and about 7 blocks from my sister G. We talked to the landlord on Sunday and told him we'd take it and by Tuesday we signed the lease and paid the deposit and we get the keys on the 22nd. 2 days after we get married. This is crazy but I'm so excited! Wish us luck with the craziness that we have started. I'm packing our first box tomorrow night!! that's my lets get to the Dogs. Pictures!!

Here are the two of them on the bed with me, while I'm knitting on my sister's sweater! Jackjack is the black blob behind Abby's head.

Abby is just too cute...I had to take another one of her watching me.
So...I think I've talked about Jackjack and Abby's love/hate relationship with each other before. But, when I first got Abbs she was very food aggressive because she was mistreated as a puppy and Jackjack had the only dog syndrom. Once they figured out their differences, he still did not like her laying where she was touching him. In the last couple months, they have been getting closer and closer. Last night...IT happened!! Jackjack was laying on the couch and getting pet by SK. Abby came over and laid next to the couch and then decided she was going to squeeze in. So she jumped up and SK said "Abby, what are you doing?" I told him to leave her alone...and he did. Jackjack didn't move either. So, she laid down and got comfy. This was big enough for me.....
but...then she did this!!! We both looked at each other and smiled!! This has never been a sight at our house but they laid like this for about 20 minutes until it was time for us to head to bed and them to go outside for their last potty break of the night. It was so adorable!!
Look at those faces!! I just love it!! My heart melted!!
Well...I hope you enjoyed the stories and pictures!! Sorry for the infrequent posting but life is pretty busy with wedding planning and now packing to move!! Please pray for us and wish us luck!

Happy Dogs On Thursday!! And don't forget to visit all the other lovely DOT participants and say hi!


  1. Congrats on the upcoming move. it will definately be hectic with the wedding right before. I take it you all aren't honeymooning?

    My abby lays on the other dogs like that all the time. It's sweet, no? g

  2. THREE Thanksgivings!!! How was the deep fried turkey? I've never had that either.

    Aww..the dogs looks cute.

  3. Awwww they finally like each other, how adorable!

  4. Love, love, LOVE the snuggle puppies! Congrats on all the big life changes right around the corner. I'm so happy everything's falling in place for you.

  5. That is so precious! Big changes going on in your neck of the woods---congratulations!

  6. Oh that is so cute! I could just hug them both to death.
    Congrats on the house. That is wonderful! I am so happy for you sweetie!

  7. I hope your move goes smooth and that you eventually get your honeymoon!
    I just love the picture of the dogs curled up togeather all cozy!


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