Monday, February 18, 2008

Knitting catch up and extra!

I've been doing a lot of knitting this weekend. I actually organized an extra SnB on Sunday because I missed last Wed. due to my foot. Which by the way I got to wear my pedicure sock a bunch because it looked great and kept my foot warm. :) Check it out.
I had a doctor's apt on Friday and he said my toe is heeling really well. We talked a bit about the gout and he said I need to get my uric acid levels tested next time I get a blood test. I got to actually see the toe and let me tell you it was black and blue. I only have 6 stitches which come out this coming Thursday. Go ME!! I already have big plans to start up walking every day with my dogs as soon as I get an ok from the doc. I miss taking them on walks as much as they miss going with me. :) So that's the plan!

As I said in the 2nd episode of my podcast that I had a couple things to finish that were on my needles...well guess what?? I finished them. The first one I finished was my fingerless gloves in the Symmetrical Braided Gauntlet pattern and I used Dream in Color Classy, which is LOVELY!! I'm a big fan of Dream in Color. I had started these as my travel knitting for Thanksgiving and I'm glad they are done. When I was finishing them I realized that it was my sister, Cris' birthday coming was last week...and I decided that I should send them to her. She lives in Encinitas, CA and gets cold a lot and I already sent her the hat that I made in this yarn. So...I gave it to my other sister to include in her package. :) they went and hopefully she will like them. Next time I knit this patter which I plan to, I think I will make them longer on both ends. These were my first cable pattern and it was surprisingly easier than I though.

The 2nd thing I finished was Surfer Girls hat and I don't really want to talk about it because again I knit a hat that is too small!! ARG. I showed it to her and she said she is going to give it to her cousin and promise to knit her another one. I have to find a pattern that is for adults and not children. I'm hoping to get on that soon.

Other than that I've been knitting my Rainbow Socks, which have been knitting up great and will take a picture of the first finished one soon and post.

I've also trying to rest my toe more than I have but I am restless and just want to be up and about. I'm paying dearly for it though. My toe gets very sore quickly.

You may also notice there are quite a few new things on the blog lately. Such as a feed for my podcast, more ads and now including ones from Google, and there is a little more info at the end of my posts. ;) I'm testing things out and seeing what I like. Let me know what you think if you get a chance. The ads are there because I'm really just trying to get some more extra money especially some yarn funds. So..we'll see how it goes. Thank you so much for all your support!! You readers and my family and friends are so wonderful and thanks for sticking around and reading and commenting little ole me.

Ok..well, off to put my foot up finally and relax.

Happy Knitting!!

PS...finishing the two on the needles projects means that I can podcast and I have plenty to talk about because we got Abby's skin test back but you'll have to listen to the 3rd episode to hear about it. Ooh I'm bad. :)


  1. Love the gauntlets. I have made three pair of fetching. They are a quick easy knit. glad your toe is healing and you can hopefully walk soon with the dogs.

  2. Glad to hear your toe is doing well. That sock is pretty cute.

  3. Glad to hear your food is feeling better, the Gauntlets are really pretty, great job!

  4. Oh cute cute socks. I came across a photo that i took this summer, and i was wearing sandals and had coral polish on m toes....

    will spring ever come?

  5. Love the mitts... your sister will too! :)
    Glad to hear the toe is healing nicely.

  6. Love 'em all. Busy girl! Remember to keep following doctor's orders...

  7. Dang, I am behind on the podcasts and really want to know about Abby's skin test. I'll listen soon. Glad your toe is healing...and those pedi socks are so cute!


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