Friday, August 22, 2008

FO ALERT!!! Lady February Sweater!!

Last night I finally sewed up the buttons on my sweater and wove in the ends!! Check me out. I wore it to work today and took some good pictures in my VERY lighted office. :)

Close up of the buttons, which I purchased at Knit n Knibble, a local yarn shop that I like. :)


Well, I'm busy today but wanted to throw this up to show you my awesome sweater. I love it and it's comfortable. It's my first hand knitted item of clothing!! other than socks.. :)

I've starting spinning up some new fiber last night and am hoping to finish my clapotis soon. Still have a lot of rows left.

This weekend, Saturday I'm spending it with Special K and then Sunday we are going to dye some fiber and maybe sew some more bags to put on the etsy site. We'll see.

Hope everyone is good. Happy Friday!!!


  1. Looks great! How could you not love a store called Knit 'n Kibble?

  2. I really like how the sweater came out, you look great in it too.

    I am currently looking for the perfect sweater pattern to make for me for when I reach my goal weight

    I know exactly what I want I just can't find the pattern yet. Hmm maybe I will have to learn to design my own sweater. Oh man, that's scary

  3. Holy Smokes, that's gorgeous! Great job. That will be on my needles this fall.. in green.

  4. Hey Sexy!!! You look absolutely beautiful in this! Im so glad you got there in the end! That lil kick up the bum did wonders hee hee

  5. That sweater looks great on you! :-)

  6. I love the pattern, you did a great job.

  7. This looks great! The color is wonderful on you too. Great button choice also. Congrats!

  8. I love the sweater great color looks very comfy:)Hugs Darcy


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