Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Wednesday!!

4 months from today!!! I will be walking down the isle in 4 months!! I'm super excited and kind of freaked out that it's coming that soon. Seems like just yesterday it was 13 months to go and now it's 4 months and we have replanned the wedding and are trying to figure out the caterer. :)

I just got a call from David's that the dresses we've ordered so far are in and they can be picked up! Yeah!! That is awesome.

Well....other than that we haven't done much for the wedding. We've approved the amazing invites designed by my sister and let me tell you they are AWESOME!! We need to finish up the detail so she can print that along with them. :) I'm just trying to take one step at a time.

Well...have a great Hump Day!! and Wedding Wednesday!! :)



  1. smile, not to freak you out but...before you know it it will be here! Good for you though in getting things on track, would love to see the invites!

  2. Me too, I'd love to see the invites.
    I am really excited for you. I practically sort of eloped so I never got to have a wedding {{{sigh}}} guess I have to live and enjoy everyone elses

  3. Oh... it is coming soooo soon :-)

  4. Enjoy this time! It will go so fast! BTW be sure you check over your dreses really carefully! My niece just got married a couple weeks a go and had a few problems with her bridemaids dresses from Davids! One of the dresses was completely the wrong dress! (they all wore the same color but different dresses) They gave her a hard time about it trying to say it was the dress ordered! Just and FYI...


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