Thursday, April 23, 2009

DOT, WIP, and more.

Because I love my MIL and really don't want to be ruffed up when she gets here tomorrow. Here is a blog post! I'm very sorry for neglecting my blog. I've been busy at work, knitting a ton, cleaning house, cleaning dogs, and my back has been hurting. My back is finally feeling better and since I've been on the phone all day at work and needed a break...figured I'd post. Also, I have some great pictures! :)

First off...since Frankie has figured out which is the best chair in the house...Jackjack had decided that he would try it out too. As you can see, he agrees and I have officially lost my brown chair that I found at a rummage sale at my church. :) It's ok though...they will get out if I ask nicely.
Also...the two boy pups in my house have started bonding. The first sign was this....
When Frankie first came home, Jackjack would not get in the bed if Frankie was up there. This caused issues since Jackjack LOVES the bed! Well...I think he realized that Frankie isn't going any where and that he would have to get used to it. The next thing I do not have pictures or video YET! When I went home early on Tuesday because of my back, I pretty much laid on the couch with the feet up. Jackjack was on the loveseat and Frankie jumped up there and started licking Jack's face and ears. Jackjack has NEVER let any other dog do this. He usually gets up and walks away or moves away. I have now seen this happen multiple times and ever time I'm shocked! I think it's so cute!!

Abby and Frankie are different. They play's quite ridiculous. If they aren't playing they are sleeping. :) They play outside inside and in any room of the house. They have even tried playing on the bed while I was in it. That did not go over well. :) Frankie is not scared of Abby and even when Abby plays a bit to rough and I have to say something...he goes right back for more. :) This has given poor Jackjack a break and now he can choose when to play instead of being constantly harrassed by Abby. It's kind of ironic because now Abby has a doggie like herself to harrass her. :)

Ok...well....I've been knitting. I completed the socks for the MIL who threatened to ruff me up if I didn't post. :) And she will get them tomorrow when she gets long as I don't get ruffed up. :) I'll take pictures of her in them to share on the blog.

I've also cast on for something for my dad. Since he reads my blog, all he gets to know is that for his birthday he is getting something knit from me. :)
I'm pretty sure he can't tell what it is from that picture! It's coming along nicely and faster than I had anticipated. And yes, I know if he does research he can easily find out what I'm knitting him! :)

I've also started knitting fingerless gloves out of my handspun for my co-workers. Two of the girls at work have birthday's in May along with me so I'm making them fingerless gloves for our freezing work place. :) This is the ones for MK out of the hanspun yarn that I dyed with the Love on it. Here's link to the post I shared pictures of the fiber.
Well...again I'm sorry for the neglect! I promise to get better at posting. I really need to fix my camera so I can get soem better pictures on here. Tomorrow is Special K's 25th birthday and we are having a party at our house and his mom is flying in for the weekend! We are going to have a blast!! We are also going to a REO Speedwagon/Night Ranger concert Saturday night!! His mom coming was supposed to be a surprise but Firefox and gmail messed that's ok because he's had a rough week and has had something awesome to look forward to!!

Hope everyone is having a great DOT and don't forget to go over and check out our contest winners! Also have a good weeekend and I promise to try to post. I'm hoping to get a podcast out tonight because I have a great interview and other fun stuff to talk about!!

Happy Knitting, Spinning, and Dog loving!


  1. That's my girl....

    See you tomorrow

  2. I'm so glad the dogs are getting along so well!

  3. It sounds like Franki is becoming part of the family. He sure is cute.

  4. It sounds like everything is going well with your new addition! Can't wait to see what exactly you're making your dad.

  5. Happy Birthday to Special K!

    Great pics... is that a skirt you're knitting for your Dad? hee hee

    So glad Frankie is making himself right at home... see, I told ya... 3 would be easy, lol Now when one wants to rest, there's another to play with!

  6. Looks like Frankie is fitting right in! Good for everyone! :)

  7. That picture of the boys bonding is precious!

  8. I think it wonderful that you pups are bonding! YAY!

  9. Awww what cute dog-bonding pictures. I'm happy they are getting along. Frankie's a sweetie.

  10. Your dogs look so sweet laying on the bed together. Sometimes it takes a while to make a friend but from the looks of it they are going to do great together. I hope your back is better.


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