Sunday, October 12, 2008

A little taste of dye.

So, today was a busy one. We woke up and went to church. Then came home and cleaned house and I got a chance to dye fiber. I tried a couple different techniques that I have tried before and one new one. :) This is inspired by Violet from Lime n Violets inspiration line. I figured how could I go wrong with Love. :) I'm not sure I'm going to sell this one because one it came out great but 2 it's one of the left over fibers that Abby kind of got into and it's not completely whole. All the ones that are up for sale have never been touched by Abby. Only the ones I've kept to learn new techniques. So...what do you think??

I'll take a picture of it in a braid tomorrow in the light because it's very well as the other ones. :)
This one is fall inspired...I LOVE IT!!! It's first time dyeing fiber in 8 oz batches.TH
This next one was my first winter inspired one but came out really bright. I love it though. It was done in a pot. I used a stick to prop it up to dye the variegationTh.
Next is the one that Special K inspired. It's winter but it's a little grayer and I think it came out great. This is another 8oz batch. :)
I had so much fun, however, Special K said the house was hot and smelled like a farm animal so he plans to stay away next fiber dyeing session. :) I had so much fun. I can't wait to get some yarn to try. I should be getting some in next month or I may have to wait until after the wedding but we'll see what happens. Most of these will be up for sale at I have some of the previously dyed fibers up there now.

Hope you guys enjoyed the fibery fun. I got a chance to podcast tonight. It's a longer one that normal and i did NO editing so bare with me. :) It's rendering right now. I hope it sounds ok. :) I'll have to listen as soon as it's done! :)

Have a great night and Happy Knitting and Spinning! Don't forget to love on your pups!!


  1. They are all VERY pretty!!! Great Job!

  2. Love the colors hun!! They look beautiful!!

  3. Neato! I might have to take advantage of your dyeing talents and make a purchase...

  4. These came out beautifully! Great job!


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