Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dogs on Thursday! Also my Birthday. :)

The other day the rain started and we had not had rain in a while and were in desperate need of it. Kenny and I both love the rain. We both love watching it and listening to it. So, when it started raining we headed for our screened in back porch and sat and watched the rain come our sand pit?
The dogs naturally thought they were going to go outside and came with us...but quickly realized that the back yard was not an option. Jackjack decided to pout...

Abby thought this was a great time to get some loving. :) Her eyes are weird in this picture!
Frankie here is some video of him and his bone to make up for the lack of his picture. :)

and more..

I have decided that Frankie is a chewer. He has gotten a hold of several items of clothing and chewed holes in them and he grabs everything he can and chews. Nothing major yet. So...I am thinking my household needs lots more nylabones and chewy toys. These kongs are not enough. :)

He also loves playing with Abby! So much so that they are almost constantly playing. It has given Jackjack some rest but Jackjack has been starting to act weird. Not sure why or really how but he's been acting a bit strange lately.

Hope you have a great DOT and please go over and check out the other DOT posts! I'm excited that my birthday falls on a Dogs on Thursday this year! hehehe


  1. Frankie is such a wonderful dog! I'm so glad you found each other.
    Have a great birthday!

  2. Wow now that's RAIN. I like reading and watching your blog posts about the pups.

    Happy Birthday again Gnat

  3. Hasn't the rain been CRAZY?!?!?!?!

    We moved to just by Gulfport, so lots of times the rain dies down by the time it hits us and we have been hit so hard with it. I love it, my yard is green and my veggies are happy.

    I love your comment about the sand pit. When we started our veggie garden my husband was commeting on how much sand we have. I was like duh husband, we live near the beach.

    You need to change your header on your page now to include Frankie! I am glad that he is settling down nicely. We are looking to adopt a dog soon-ish and I am just trying to figure out from where.

  4. Happy Birthday!! I hope JackJack will adjust to Frankie playing with Abby.

  5. just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! We'd be happy to send some of our rain in your direction, we've had flooding.

  7. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a nice time listening to the rain even if the dogs were disappointed.

  8. Happy Birthday to you! And what a nice present on your birthday but rain since you enjoy it! Have a great rest of the day!

  9. Happy Birthday!

    It's nice to watch the rain come down!

    Your dogs are so cute!

  10. What a relief to see someone else's backyard that floods! Woo Hoo!

    Ok. That's bad, but hey, what can I say! LOL

    Now, your doggies are adorable. I have to say that the first video of Frankie is just adorable!!!

  11. They are all so stinking cute! The videos of Frankie are funny :-)

  12. Happy Birthday fellow May birthday girl!

  13. Sorry I missed your birthday, I've been so busy at work that I haven't even turned on the computer in 4 days!! GAH

    Hope you had a great birthday!!! :)


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