Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm still trying to get back up! Frankie is better! yes you can blame the twilight series for my lack of posts. :) At least this time....I started the first book last monday and I am already reading the last book Breaking Dawn and really I think it's my favorite. A lot of people bashed it but I loved it!! I thought the twists were great and am loving reading them again!

Ok..enough about Edward and Bella! Back to knitting and dogs. We will first do dogs. :)'s my DOT post a day early.

I thought I'd share video of Frankie and Abigail playing. He is back to his normal crazy self. He is also back to sitting for me. With the bandages on, he wouldn't sit not matter what I did. Now he's sitting along with the rest of them. He is a good boy!

Also I'm sorry about the bad video lighting. It was an impromptu video taping. I'll work on getting better video of them playing it's hilarious!! Especially when Jackjack gets involved. :) He was too busy sleeping to play at this point.

after the water break...they started back up! :)

Ok.....knitting. I have been knitting a bit during training calls at work and some over the weekend but honestly all I've done is read! :) hehehe I'm almost done with my dad's vest and I'm TERRIFIED of running out of yarn. I hope I don't but if I do I guess I'll have to do another knitpicks order. ugh... :) hehehe I'll be knitting at knit night tonight so hopefully I'll get some progress done.

Here is the vest prior to the frogging it went through.
I forgot I had these pictures to share with you but here is post frogging yarn. That is a lot of knitting that got ripped back but it's for my dad so it's got to be as close to perfect as possible. The reason it was frogged is because I was knitting a size too small. I'm already back to where I was and more so I'm good. I can't wait to finish but again...fear the running out of yarn!
The yarn was washed before I started re-knitting. I'm not a fan of knitting with kinky yarn. heheh

Spinning...I've been spinning even though I'm not knitting. I spun at my guild's meet up this weekend. We had 20 people there and 5 new members joined! It was AWESOME! I also found a place to stay for SAFF in North Carolina in October so I have officially decided to go to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair! YEAH!! I'm so excited. I've already started working on getting a meet n greet set up and also get goodie bags! FUN!! As soon as I iron out the details I'll let you all know if you are going where to meet me! :) Not that I'm a celebrity or anything but I would love to meet my listeners or readers!
I also took a break from reading on Monday and spun. :) I'm working on the blue superwash merino batt. It is spinning up SOOO nicely! I love batts now!!

I also cleaned another pound and a half of the fleece! It's coming along nicely and I can't wait to card more and figure out what I'd like to spin up! I'm thinking a shawl. First though I am going to play with dying it!Ok...well..hope everyone is doing well! Miss you all and sorry about being such a bad blogger and blog reader lately. I'll work on it. I should have a podcast up by Saturday or Sunday! So keep your ear out for that!

Happy Spinning, Knitting, and DOGGIES!! :)


  1. The SAFF sounds so fun!

    Love the vest, its going to be great when you redo it!!!:)

    Great videos!:)

  2. Very cool that you get to go. If I lived near the mtns you would be welcome here, but here we are at the coast:) Have great fun for me too!

  3. Frankie looks like he's doing so much better! SAFF sounds like it's going to be loads of fun, you're going to be really busy with all these events coming up :)

  4. I am also reading the Twilight series, but I'm only on New Moon. Can't put it down though. In fact, I've been thinking of missing work just to stay home and keep reading! Love the second video of the dogs playing - I refer to that in my house as Wrestlemania.


  5. Love the color for your dad's vest! Fingers crossed that you don't run out of yarn.

    I'm glad Frankie is mending nicely.

  6. Loved Twilight and the movie! Liked the videos Happy DOT ♥


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