Monday, September 28, 2009

Carding Alpaca...

Remind me not to do that again!! First off, I didn't clean it before hand because it's pretty much just sandy...ugh! My allergies are now killing me from all the dust that carding up dirty Alpaca caused...also just want to say this now. I, Gnat, am not a fan of processing Alpaca..if I say that I plan to do this again...please send me an email or message and direct me back here. I will not say that I don't like alpaca but I will say...not a fan of the processing or at least the carding of it!

I chose to blend it with some of my raw Corriedale/Merinolocks that I had dyed brown and I will admit that I LOVE the batts that came out of this process and can't wait to spin them up but I did not enjoy the process nor will I enjoy cleaning up the carder after this process...ugh! since I've complained is your reward. A picture of my LOVELY alpaca batts. They are fantastic but I will not repeat the process. Hopefully these 5 oz will get me some nice fingerless gloves because I plan to swap the rest of this beautiful fleece the next chance I get. I still have about 6 if you want to buy it off me or swap me some wooly goodness let me know!
I just checked...I have about 7 oz left of the 100% Suri Raw fleece from an alpaca named Sarletoni. :) It's a beautiful mahogany brown fleece.'s already 11 and past my bedtime! I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully after work I will get a chance to clean the carder and more of my raw Corriedale/Merino fleece so I can get started on that project.


  1. Well, my dear, the batts are absolutely lovely - I hope you get to make what you wish from them. I'm sorry it was not a happy experience, though.

  2. The batts are beautiful! Too bad they were such a pain to make.

  3. When I do something that turns out to be an awful experience, I tell my dearly beloved to slap me silly if I ever even think of doing that again. I think it's funny that you know who your yarn came from - essentially, it has a name!

  4. The batts came out nice :-) Too bad the process sucks, maybe you can just pay someone else to process the rest so you can just spin the pretty bats once they are all clean.


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