Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just keep Kntting...just keep knitting...

So, lately my knitting mojo has been very strong. I've been knitting whenever and where ever I can. I cast on my Corona sweater on Friday as I had said in the last post and I'm already pretty far on it.
I'm at the part where I'm starting the cable panels and it's not longer a mindless, during call knit. I have to pay attention and focus so the progress will slow a bit. I'm thinking of casting on the sleeves so I can still work on it during calls.

I'm using my favorite stitch markers, which are my doggie stitch markers from! These are my special project stitch markers....because I cherish them so.
Since I can't knit on my Corona sweater during calls, I cast on a baby sweater for O-dog, aka my sister's baby who is due to join the world outside my sister's belly in Nov. I had some left over dream in color classy from my February Lady sweater so I'm using this and Jasmin is sending me some of her leftover DIC in Butter Peeps for the out perfect! I cast on today during a call and I've already got a good portion of the body done. This seems to be a fast knit. I guess this is kind of a test to see if this particular sister reads my blog. I haven't mentioned I was knitting this for her when I talked to her last. :) It's not the only things she's getting knit from I don't really care if she finds out about this one.

I seem to be on a huge roll with knitting...I'm addicted to it even more right now. I am always knitting but this past week...I've been knitting even more. :) I think because I'm really enjoying the Malabrigo and the other projects I'm working on. Hopefully this keeps up because I hope to finish these projects soon. :)

Since tomorrow is Dogs on Thursday I figured I'd add some cute doggie pictures too! :) Happy DOT and please go over and check out the post tomorrow! Here is Jackjack in his chair. This started out as my knitting chair and I still love it but when I see how happy he is in this chair I know it was meant to be his. Since he hasn't really wanted to get up on the bed much lately with his legs hurting a bit, I decided to move this chair in the bedroom so he had a good place to sleep...because we know that his other beds are just not the same. :) Can you say SPOILED!!

and my girl is spoiled too because she can't just have one bone. She is just so cute!
Ok...well...I'm off to knit...go figure! I want to get a couple rows of the cable panels done tonight before I head to bed. I'm going to continued to work on the baby sweater and then maybe cast on the sleeves tomorrow so they are started.

Happy Knitting and Dogs on Thursday!!


  1. I'm majorly addicted to knitting right now too. I've knit, continually, for years but suddenly the last couple months it seems I have 5 or 6 projects going at all times and I'm knitting any time I'm sitting, riding in the car, etc. Ordinarily I'm a quilter and this is really cutting into my quilting time LOL.
    Love the seed stitch around the bottom of that baby sweater!

  2. It must be the time of giving coming up and all. For the first time in my knitting life, I've got four projects going!!! Oy! At least two of them are for myself, so I can set them aside with a minimum amount of guilt.

    BTW, I LOVE those stitch markers! As the mom of three furry babies, I think I really deserve some!!

    Oh, and the pictures of the dogs are so cute! It was very thoughtful of you to give up your chair. My dog, Pele, seems to think that BOTH couches are his. And, to be quite honest, they kind of are. It's difficult to share a love seat with an 80lb dog all stretched out on his back!

    Your bone photo reminds me of my Molly. For her, the fixation is with balls. I'll bet she's got four or five squirreled away, and she knows which piece of furniture each one is under too! She has the memory of an elephant!

  3. Beautiful knits! I just haven't had time to knit this week. Love the photos of the pups, always...

  4. Wow your really coming along on that that color! Jack Jack looks soooo comfy! Love all the pics!

  5. When we click on your link on DOT's for some reason it reverts to the June post and so I thought you were not posting!

    Then I thought no that can't be and when I got to your site clicked on the home link and saw today's post.

    It is good to spoil your babies by the way, I am sure they deserve it!

    Also love your knitting projects!

  6. THanks for the shout out (on my bday too, lol)!!! I made some more doggy theme sets yesterday and hope to find time to update Etsy later this week!

    Love the doggy shots!

  7. Wow, what a nice way to relax and yes, what a lot of bones!

  8. They look totally comfy!! Have fun knitting!!


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