Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pet visitors, and some new yarn.

How is everyone? Sorry i've Bern neglecting the blog these days. I am working on getting better with that. Well, this weekend was so nice. I got a lot done and a podcast up! I also got my audio fixed on my computer! My cousin was asing and was able to figure it out.

My sister was out of town on saturday so her dogs came to stay with us. The four of them had a blast. Lucky is a mini schnauzer and Roxy is a Scottie.

Lucky is the funniest dog! When I was spinning up some singles she put her head on my lap and just laid there while I knit.

New yarn!! Love new yarn!! I put in my first order from or Webs. I ordered 4 skeins of Eco wool. 2 are for my Ravelympics project, which is the Shalom cardigan and the other 2 are for a Jared flood blancket that I am organizing a KAL for in march. Keep you posted.

Well, I hope everyone is safe in this weather. We are trying to keep as warm as possible. I've been going on walks with a co-worker during lunch. We are able to get in about 3 miles which is great!! I've also started teaching some of the ladies at work to knit!! We are having a knitting lunch once a week!! How fun!!

Well, keep safe and happy knitting!!


  1. I havent used that yarn yet, you will have to let me know how you like it.

  2. Can't imagine what could be petter than company and some new yarn - well except maybe some more of those cookies.

  3. Isn't Webs grand... literally! LOL You need to visit in person someday!


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