Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catching up: Thanksgiving weekend!

Could not be more Thankful for such a wonderful Thanksgiving week!  This is going to be a picture and video heavy post but I'm hoping you enjoy it!

Last week started with my sister from CA and her family, as well as my father from Panama flying in!  My dad is still here and will be for a couple more weeks! YAY!  It was so great to have my sister and her family in town for the week!

My nephew from CA and Carmen had a blast hanging out...he is 3 and she is turning 2 soon as you all they had their toddler moments of getting used to playing with each other but overall they did so wonderful! Here are some pictures of them together this weekend!

His birthday was Wednesday, so they threw him a fun bounce house birthday bash!  It was Carmen's 2nd time in a bounce house and she did so much better than the first.  She had so much fun and didn't really want to get out and talked about it for days after!

Thursday aka Thanksgiving was a very fun full day!  My sister, who lives across the street was hosting so it was super close to us.  My brother-in-law and others set up this big screen in his front yard and we play Just Dance 4 most the night!  Carmen and Owen LOVED dancing along!
We even managed to get Kenny out there once!  I joined in the fun!
After a very full late night on Thursday, Friday was a day of rest.  We did go to Target for a little bit of Black Friday shopping but not until around 10:30 AM so we missed the big rush.  Thankfully the tree that we wanted to get that was on super sale was still in stock!  We decided, since we are trying to save a lot for all that is coming in the new year, that we wouldn't buy a big tree this year and just go with something reasonably priced.  We threw our old fake tree out last year because it hadn't been opened in 3 years and it was time to be replaced.  I'm so happy with the tree we got though.  It's just perfect for where I wanted to put it this year and also was pre-lit!
One of my favorite things about the holiday season is having a tree up and all the lights and decorations!  I love sitting in my living room with some hot cocoa and watching the tree.  And you can only imagine that little Miss Carmen is VERY excited about the lights and tree! Every morning she gets very happy when she sees the tree and the lights.  We did get her a 2 ft tree to go in her room.  For some reason the lights are working but as soon as we get those working then I'll get a picture of it.  I have some fun little ideas for the season for her that I will share soon.  I found most of them on pinterest. :)

We had a bit of trouble getting the lights outside to work but her daddy with the help of his daddy got them working finally on Sunday and we were all really happy about it!  I love how they turned out! As we live in the house longer, I'm sure our outside decorations are going to expand greatly but I'm happy with it for this year.

Back to our weekend know how I love tangents.  Saturday night, my other sister, who lives just 2+ blocks away from us, hosted a shuffleboard tournament/fish fry.  This was another fun night of family activity!  Special K always is the one who sets up the tournament and then we play!  I haven't been playing the last couple times because usually it lasts too long and little Miss Carmen can't hang that late but she had been a trooper so I played!  Special K and my nephew's girlfriend won the tournament and prizes.  Check them out with their loot!

Sunday most of us headed to the Florida Aquarium.  It was fun watching all the kids interact and check out all the animals. Grandpa had fun showing the kids the animals too! :)

I headed back to work on Monday but my sister and her family didn't leave until Tuesday afternoon.  They continued the fun and I got to spend some time in the evenings with them.  I'm so thankful they were able to be here for so long and have so much fun!  5 of the sisters all live here but it's rare treat that all 6 of us are together.    Here is a picture of my dad and all his daughters.

And then one of my dad and all his grandchildren....he'll have a total of 8 after April and I just realized that with us having a girl, it rounds out his grandchildren to 4 boys and 4 girls! Pretty cool!

Hope you enjoyed this picture heavy recap of the weekend.  I had hoped to have more time to post but life just was busy and when it wasn't busy I was trying to rest up.  Being pregnant and on the go for days at a time...takes a tole on your body.  I'm feeling good but just need a vacation after my vacation! ;)

Feeling very blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What did you do over the Thanksgiving break? 

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  1. Love all the happy photos! That's how holidays should look.


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