Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby Bump: 20 week update!! Half way point!

Week: 20 weeks!!  Half way point!
Weight gain: 15+ lbs!  How did this happen so fast! I'm pretty sure the scale at the doctors was off last Friday...but I also feel like I have been gaining weight faster so I guess it makes sense.
Baby's sex: My guess was TOTALLY wrong!  We are having another GIRL!!! I'm SO excited that Carmen is going to have a sister.  Daddy is a little disappointed that he's not getting his boy but with 2 daddy's girls I think he'll be fine!
Baby's name: Announcing the name once we commit to one.  We have a top name which hasn't changed in weeks but we are playing with others to see if it's really it.  I love the name that we're thinking about though and can't wait to share!
Sleep: Carmen has been sick for the last week so she has been the primary reason for my interrupted sleep.  She finally is feeling better and I have been sleeping great! I think the combination of being just so tired and the cooler weather has done wonders for getting some deep sleep!
Movements:I have been feeling the baby every day!  I love it!  Whenever I think I haven't felt her in a while, I'll wait and if I still don't feel her I drink some cold water and she perks right up.  I'm sure it's a little mean but it's just nice to get that little reminder that she's in there and doing good.
Labor Signs:  No real labor signs yet...TOO early!  BUT I have already started getting braxton hicks contractions.  I had them last time starting at 34 or 35 weeks and they were every day all day and even time-able most the day.  Thankfully, so far they have been random and one day I'll have them and then I won't have them for a couple days.
Maternity Clothes:  Still wearing my work out pants when I can but with the chill in the air, I've had to resort to the one pair of maternity jeans I have or my regular jeans with the belly belt thingy.  Also most the tops are either my longer regular tops or maternity tops now.
These past couple weeks: With our trip up to WV/OH area for my DH's Papa's funeral and Carmen being sick since we've gotten back...life has been busy just surviving.  I still feel super pregnant and yet I know that I'm not even close to feeling as pregnant as I'm going to feel.  Even with the lack of sleep, overall I have been feeling pretty good.  
Doctor's Visit: We had our big anatomy ultrasound apt this past Friday!  We were all excited and I was so glad that Carmen got to join us!  The baby looks great, strong heartbeat, and is growing fast!  She is now measuring for a due date of April 1st but as the doctor said they don't change the due date ever.  She said the u/s at 8 weeks is usually the most accurate.  Carmen always measured behind her due date so the fact that this one is measuring ahead of schedule is a bit concerning for me.  Carmen is a peanut but she was born 2 days late and 7 lbs 4 oz.  I'm just hoping that this baby stays put until at least April! :)  I fully acknowledge that I may be singing a different tune come March 15th...but for now I just am hoping for April.  
Next Doctor's Visit: Next apt is Dec 19th
Overall, I'm still feeling very pregnant but I'm starting to feel that I'm definitely getting a little of the 2nd trimester boost...not nearly as much as I did last pregnancy but it's there.  I've been knitting a little but not as much as I'd like.  Finding out we are having a girl, I'm already planning some fun matching knits for the girls!  I need to finish up their blankets!  My goal is to have both of their knit blankets done before this one is born!  Need to knit like the wind!   Back to pregnancy, I am ever grateful that my baby is healthy and I'm doing well this pregnancy.  Yay for healthy babies, toddlers, daddy and mommy!

Thanks for reading another baby bump update!!

Happy Tuesday!

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