Thursday, June 27, 2013

All about the puppies: my furbabies update.

The pups...Jackjack and Abigail are doing good! They are adjusting to their new life with 2 sisters well. They love their sister Carmen and are enjoying the baby sniffs they get. Here are some of my favorite recent pictures of my 2 furbabies! Hope you enjoy! I know once I had Carmen they stopped showing up on the blog as much but we are going to work on bringing them back into a Thursday post.

That last picture is a rarity! We had to throw out Abby's bed and this was before we got her a new one. They now have their own beds again and all are happy. Jackjack doesn't like being THAT close to this sister. :) Love these pups! Happy Thursday!

How are your puppies/kitties/pets doing?


  1. Aw, I can't believe they are sharing a bed! I am convinced Reina and Lily are best sisters when we are not home. I have caught them on the bed together. Jeremy said one time he pulled up, and both of them popped their heads out of the bedroom window. BUT when we are home... look out... Reina is way to jealous to let anyone else get a little love. One time, Lily was doing "happy paws" on Reina when she was sleeping by dad! haha. It's all my jealous Reina girl that gets in the way of their relationship! haha

  2. There are the beautiful fur-babies!!


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