Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maria Anne 3 months!

Happy 3 months old  to Miss Maria Anne...

Weight: No apt until next I'm guessing 14 lbs?
Diapers: Size 2s
Clothes: quickly growing out of every 3 month outfit we have and fitting well in 6 month clothes!
Favorite toy: her loveys (One at daycare and one at home)
Favorite activity: Bath time wins out over anything right now!
Sleep: She is sleeping through the night and has been for about a month...not the sleep through the night for her age which is 6 hrs but really sleeping through the night!  She usually is asleep anywhere between 8-10 and then sleeps until 6:30ish when I wake her up!  We are still swaddling her using a SwaddleMe blanket at night only.  She naps without being swaddled but she still hasn't figured out how to calm her arms yet so I haven't put her down at night unswaddled.  It's coming though!  She also is sleeping in our room in the rock n play. 
Physical Activity:  She rolled over once!  I had to help her the last budge but she keeps trying to roll over from her back to her belly!  She's also trying to grab things.  She looks at things so intensely and you can see her trying to move her arms towards it but as of yet hasn't grabbed things on purpose.
Sounds: She has started squeaking and doing a sort of audible giggle when she's excited!  

She is such a happy baby!  I know you shouldn't compare your kids but Maria is polar opposite of her sister at this age.  She's calm, pleasant, and just generally fusses when she needs something.  It's always pretty easy to calm her and she likes to just hang out and watch what your doing.  She also has the greatest cheeks that are so kissable!  So thankful she picked me to be her momma!
Happy 3 Months!!

Don't you just love her barknknit onsie?!?!


  1. Boy she is getting so big!!! Loving seeing her grow up! Wish I could kiss those chubby cheeks!

  2. I love the onsie! Happy 3 Months Maria!
    And again, those dimples... melt my heart already!


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