Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Recent Travels...

In the last couple weeks I've been traveling more than I've been at home. It all started with a trip to Washington DC with the 8th graders that I teach. This was a Sunday to Friday adventure with Twenty-two...count them again 22... 8th graders. Most of them are great and some are naughty but they are all good kids. ;) It was my first trip to DC and I had a blast. We were on the go from 6:30am to around 11pm. We pretty much saw it all. We didn't get to tour of the White House...which was the only thing that we really missed...the guy at the Senator's office messed up. We were informed that he was no longer working there so he probably messed up way more than just us. :) We did get to tour the Capitol Bldg, which was beautiful. We got to go into the Library of Congress which I thought was an amazing bldg as well. We saw all the monuments and memorials. I think my favorite was the Iwo Jima...It had Panama on it, but that's not the only reason.

Well...after a week of traveling DC with 8th graders I got back on a Friday night and the following morning...later than we had planned but still early at 8:30...Special K, Abigail and I headed out on our Road Trip 07. :)

We drove 10 hrs to NC to Fisher's fiance's house. We spent til Monday there and had a great time. Abby and Turkish, a large German Shepard mix didn't get along and Abbs almost lost an ear but she was fine. It was great to see Fisher and finally meet her fiance.

Monday we headed off to VA. We were early so we stopped at Prince William National Park and went for a hike. Abigail got to go into Quantico Creek. I think she had a great time.....she's a true water dog. :) We got to Roro's house late afternoon and Abigail due to almost getting her ear ripped off was a bit skittish with Apollo, Roro's doberman. We took them to the dog park and they romped around and had a grand ole time. When we got back we had dinner and played a little Quiddler, only the best card game EVER!!!

The next day Special K and I got up a little later than earlier and headed to DC for the day. We had breakfast at... oh yeah... Cracker Barrel. It took us a couple U turns to get there but after we gave in a put it in the GPS we got there fine. :) Our first stop in DC..well..VA was Arlington National Park. We watched the changing of the guards and saw Kennedy's gravestone. Then we headed into the city where I quickly found out the Special K doesn't like driving in cities and when I try to point places out while he's driving in the city he gets a little frustrated. :) So...I took over the wheel and we found some parking and headed to the Holocaust Museum, which we proceeded to spend 3 hrs touring. It is an amazing place but very, very emotional. Even if you have seen movies or read things. Some of the real footage they have is more graphic than I can take. After we closed the place down we walked over to the Washington Monument, WWII memorial, Korean Mem, Lincoln Monument, and Vietnam Memorial. We then drove back to Roro's and were exhausted. Abby and Apollo at this point had become buddies and would not stop playing...it was great.

On Wednesday morning at around 6:30 am, Special K and I started our 14hr drive home. We had a great time and managed to survive spending 5 days together and not killing each other. :) I'm happy to be back in our home and not really happy to be back at work but it's nice to be back in a routine after 2 weeks. I missed my Jackjack so much and am glad to get to cuddle with him. Thanks for reading...it's kind of long and all about me. :) go figure.

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