Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Valentine's Day Contest!! Part of Wedding Wednesday.

So, it's not Wednesday but after I wrote the post about Special K and I, and with the motivation from Channon from Chan Knits, I decided that it's a great time for a contest. :) Especially next week being Valentine's day.

Here we go. We will call this contest my Valentine's Day contest for kicks.

The rules are as will get one entry for each of the following:

1. Commenting about how you and your significant other met and "fell" in love. You may write whatever you like about the experience of meeting them or figuring out that you were meant to be together. I just love reading these stories and would love for you to share them.

2. Posting on your blog about the contest.

3. and last but not least an entry for each person who comments and tell me that you sent them.

I hope you enjoy my Valentine's Day contest. I think it will be fun. I haven't decided what the prize will be so I'll get back to you this weekend on that. I will pick a winner on Valentine's Day, February 14th.


  1. So, it's only appropriate that I post quickly...

    The Knight and I met as toddlers at the firehouse. My dad was the chief. His dad was a new member. He'd chase me around the station. By third grade, we called ourselves "going together." Then, life happened, I moved away. Our families stayed in touch, and eventually, our life-long friendship found a chance at romance. The rest is history...

  2. Chris and I met 8 years ago when I was a freshman in highschool and he was a sophomore. We went to different schools, so normally our paths wouldn't have crossed. But in his neighborhood there was a boy who went to my school. And this boy had a crush on one of my best friends. My friend wasn't so sure about this boy, but she thought she'd give him a chance. Remember though, we are only 15. Which means we don't go out on dates alone. Oh no, we take backup. So a movie date was planned and I was going to tag a long for moral support. Brendan (the boy) showed up with this tall, lanky blond fellow with a smile that took up half his face. Not my type. I liked the dark broody type (remember, I was 15, and a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel was my man). But Hillary decided that Brendan was worth another movie or two and kept dragging me along. Finally, during one especially horrible movie, I couldn't stand it anymore. The cute couple had gotten up to get popcorn and I leaned across the empty seats and said "Hi, I'm Laura. I guess we should probably get to know each other if we are going to be stuck chaperoning this two, huh?".

    Brendan and Hillary went to a couple more movies and backyard barbecues before moving on but somehow that blond silly fellow who wasn't at all my type lingered on. He wouldn't give up on me even when I told him that I wasn't interested in a boyfriend (I was quite the independent little girl-woman). He gave me space and waited till I was ready. And in a few months we are getting married. I'm glad he never gave up.

  3. I placed a personal ad in a newspaper, and he answered.... amongst others. He answered with a written letter - written with a fountain pen -- and I just knew! We've been together 19 years.

    teabird / ravelry

  4. I met Mr Wonderful when I was a sophomore in high school and dating his best friend. We remained friends for several years, and there was always chemistry between us, but we never dated...I got married and divorced, he dated my best friend; it was just never the right time. We lost contact about ten years ago, and didn't talk again until I found him on myspace last January. It turned out that he was living only half an hour away from me and drove right by my house every other week to pick up his daughter in a neighboring town. Small world.

    We met up finally at the end of February but it took him three dates before he finally got up the courage to kiss me. We've been practically joined at the hip ever since.

  5. How fun!
    Ok. In September of '06 a friend of mine asked me to go to his hockey game. He had a bunch of single friends, and thought it would be a good idea for me to go and meet some new people. I went. Adam, well, he didn't. He skipped the hockey game because the Giants were playing. Most times, this is a valid excuse.
    Anywho, I did meet someone at the game. We sort of hit it off. I ended up meeting Adam, as they were friends. There was something so kind about him. He really could have used a girl to hang out with, so we tried to set him up with a mutual friend...but it did't work out.
    Things for me were'nt working out either. It wasn't exactly devastating, just confusing. It was one of those strange situations that you couldn't make heads or tales of. One night at the bar, and after getting the run around for a couple of months, I came to the realization that I was done with the loser. That same night, Adam came up to me and said, in the sweetest most nervous way you can think of..."We seem to get along really well". As soon as he said that, I told him the truth. That I was mad at him, for not going to hockey that night. We hit it off right away.
    Needless to say, there was drama, but it was worth it. We're getting married on 3/28/2009, and I couldn't be happier!
    Oh, and the gal we tried to set him up with, she's my roommate now :)

  6. Oh YAY! How fun!
    Chan sent me, but only b/c I read her before I got to you. :)

    Geek was a drummer in a band, and his band came to play in the bar where I was working as a bartender. He came up to order a beer, our eyes locked and the next thing out of his mouth was "When's your next night off?" It was love at first sight, and we've been together 18 years next week.

  7. The Coach and I met my sophmore year at college taking courses. (He is MUCH older:) He hung out with my friends to try to get me to date him. We have been together every since, 17 years this November and married for 11 years. He asked me to marry him in the midddle of a football field in snow in January! It was soo cold, I did not even answer till I got back in the car.

  8. Mr. No Sheep and I met in university, as a social event for Computer Science majors. My mother badgered me into going, as I was new to the school, and town, and she said I needed to get out and meet people. It was poring rain, and I was in a bright yellow rain slicker covered in finger paints. Somehow he saw past that though :).

  9. CS boy and I met originally at University at a concert, and hanging out in the physics lounge. We went swing dancing together, but never dated. He graduated a few years ahead of me, and we fell out of contact. 3 years later (and 4 years ago now)(almost) I was going in to work at the bookstore, happened to look down, and there he was, sitting on the floor. We caught up a little over my break, didn't think things would go anywhere because he was leaving for grad school at the end of the summer. Instead, we decided to date, moved in together, and the rest is history...(unwritten, but history nonetheless)

  10. My husband and I went to the same school but he was a freshman and I was a sophmore so we didn't cross paths. I started working at Burger King where he worked. A bunch of the people there kinda pushed us to date so we did. Secretly because I wasn't allowed to date. We went on one date to see Twister at the theatre with my My parents found out about us and forced me to stop dating him my senior year. After I graduated in 1997 we didn't talk. Once I moved out of my parent's house we crossed paths and started dating again and got married in 1999. And we had a beautiful baby boy in 2002, 23 days shy of my 23rd b-day. DH later told me he knew since 11th grade, so my senior year that he wanted to marry me. And this year in november we will have been married 9 years.

  11. I forgot to say that Channon sent me...I want to make sure she gets the extra entry.

  12. lol I in my senior year of high school met my hubby at a roller skating rink through my ex We had known a mutual friend and decided to write each other. Living in Jersey and he at school in Va he would come up on weekends.. He asked if I wasn't going out with my boyfriend if I wanted to go skating, I knew then he missed my letter. Told him of the breakup and said sure, would love to skate. Next weekend he proposed. We knew each other for about 3 weeks and a couple of previous skating parties. Mom put a wedding together in 3 weeks as he was being stationed in Puerto Rico. I lasted about a month more of school before quitting and joining him. This March will be 33 years :) Guess you cold say we kinda grew up

  13. LOL! Mr. Basset-non-knitter and I just had our 7th anniversary on Jan. 1st so you think I would remember how we met.

    Actually, we met through work and our group of friends.
    He went out with a friend of mine, and another friend and another... and we actually started talking and getting to know each other one day while helping to paint a livingroom with a bunch of our friends from work and found out that we have a lot of the same interests.
    But I was seeing an emotional vampire at that time and so Mr. Basset-non-knitter and I just beacme friends for a looong time.
    Then one day we said "Hey, bestfriends make the best couples."
    So now here we are 7 years later and still best friends!

  14. Ack! I forgot to mention that I read about the contest at Chan's blog first.

  15. Cal and I met 16 years ago, when he transferred to my high school. He was in my accounting class, so I buddied up to him. I actually helped him with his classwork and on his test-shhh... All the girls at school wanted him but I got him first!

  16. I won't have time to officially enter in the contest, but here is our How We Met story writen awhile back:
    and a better version from DH:

  17. Chan sent me!!

    Tom and I met when I was 15 and a soph in high school, he was 17 and a junior in another school, in another state Our german teachers knew each other and planned a trip to Germany for the two schools. It was 1970 and 16 days, with airfare, hotel and meals was four hundred dollars and ten cents. Tom went with a girlfriend, but one night she wanted to go out with this geeky guy from my school so he asked me to go out with him. Heh we were alone on a dark bus in the Alps and he said I talked to much, so he shut me up the only way he knew how He kissed me. We have been together ever since, it will be 38 years in March, married for 35 of them this year, he is the love my life, I cherish everyday and every kiss I get from him'

    Neat contest!!!

  18. Lol, well...I was a bet! Hubby and I both had real careers (navy & teacher) but seeing as neither of these paid well we worked at a small yuppie rest. as well. The baker there knew both of us very well. We had both been there for almost 2 years and never met. The baker got us together, bet my hubby, and was my maid of honor 4 short months later. (I still think he won the bet)
    On our 13th anniversary we renewed our vows (we had a very small at home wedding on the spur of the moment...yes it was a shotgun wedding but we were talking about marriage anyway) vegas style. Gothic graveyard with the Grimreaper presiding over the ceremony ... you may have seen us on a&e's Wild vegas weddings. This was a renewal as he had just gotten out of the military and was actually going to be home for a change, we felt almost like we were starting our relationship again on a new level.

    It is now more than 16 years since that bet. He is my best friend and each year gets better than the last. I can honestly say i can count the number of fights we have had on one hand. I seriously think that when you relax and enjoy life you will run into your perfect mate. He may have won the bet but overall, i am the lucky one!

  19. sorry, i posted your contest on my site as well! Perfect for this month!

  20. oooo...good contest. I could give you the abbreviated version here or you can go read it on my post from 28 Feb last year.

    Its six years for us this 28th. One of these days we might actually get married. We've been engaged for three years now. (Its complicated why it hasn't happened and it involves logistics and families very spread out.)

    I'll post this up to my blog this evening!

  21. We were introduced by a mutual friend and disliked each other on sight. (He's an engineer, I was studying English and women's studies at the time.) A few years later, we became friends, and a few years after that, we started dating. And now we've got two kids and we've been together for over 15 years. Wow, time flies, doesn't it?

  22. We met despite neither of us wanting to meet each other! It's a rather long story, but here's the short version:

    Jake had just gotten out of the Army and moved back to New York, his brother was dating a girl who was an intern with my company, in Vermont. She asked me to go to dinner with a group, as Jake was going to be the only single one there and she didn't want him to feel uncomfortable. I wasn't eager to go, but she asked on a Monday and I had no other plans for Saturday night that early in the week. Come Thursday, his brother and girlfriend were talking and Jake decided he didn't want to make the 3 hour drive. Jokingly, he told Megan, "Find me a 5'1" brunette and I'll make the drive." Lo and behold, I am actually 5'1", but I was a slight red-head at the time :) Regardless, he came up and now it's 7 years later!

  23. oh how fun!!!

    I am going to give you the A.M. Version of my love life.

    Brian and I met and dated for three years in college. He wasn't ready for commitment and I was so I moved on. Married his best friend, he WAS the BEST MAN at our wedding. Brian later married. Brian got divorce, I got divorced and we hooked back up. We had always been in touch and been friends. We have been together again for going on 4 years and were married last August. WE are strong believers in things happen for a reason, he is not able to have children and I have two. We are pretty much inseperable and both are very happy. We both realize now that we should have stuck together from the beginning....we were meant to be!!!

    I came here from Grace website.

  24. Okay first, came from Grace at Lovingcomfort knits announcement of your contest.
    Second: met my hubby at McDonalds under the arches when we both worked there in highschool. I was smitten the moment I saw hiim. And smelled him. He was wearing Avon's Wild Country I came to find out later. I knew he was my lifelove When I left for college the next fall and couldnt stand being away from him. we have been through many saddnesses in our 25 years. ThankGOD we've had each other to bear them together. I adore him. We just had our wedding rings reset, and I finally inscribed his. It say simple: mY hero.

  25. The musician/engineer and I met about 14 years ago... my friend Mary & I used to go see his original rock band play (this was back when she & I were running Starstruck Promotions and doing pr work for local bands)... in keeping with the don't ever call me a groupie theme, I vowed to NEVER date a musician. He actually dated a friend of a friend for a short time... then Mary all of a sudden decided she wasn't going out to concerts anymore, left me hanging with some tickets to a Boston concert and I asked him to go... that was June 9, 2005. We've been together ever since... and now he's in a cover band, lol
    I'm posting a link to your contest on my blog today too.

  26. I was introduced to Matt as a college freshmen and only considered him one of my friend's "geeky engineering buddies" until as a senior, i went to the friend's birthday party. I kept seeing Matt across the room and having a really strong feeling that I "knew" him and should talk to him (I never had), though I could not place why he looked so familiar. We started talking over a game of flip cut and beyond, and the next day he asked me on a date. We dated constantly but not seriously for the next few months, as I was headed to Australia for the last semester of college. He came to visit me in Australia, and that's when I knew, though it took him longer to know :) We were just married this past October.

    And what a great contest, i love reading everyone's stories :)
    PS, I found your contest from Grace at:

  27. Great idea for a contest.

    My husband and I were graduate students together. I was one of a handful of women in an engineering school and so I dated lots of guys before him. But once we started, all others were out of the game for me.

    I'm posting it on my blog right now.

  28. First- Bea sent me :)

    Second- We just celebrated our tenth "meet-a-versary" this past October. We met Oct 27, at a halloween party (more like a get together) where neither of us knew the hostess (each of us went with a friend) & both of us almost didn't go. I was waiting on my friend who was being 'dressed up' for halloween by the other girls (as I didn't know them & I'm shy I didn't get into it) and walking by the front door which was open when I saw him standing out there (they had just arrived) and well, I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight but there is this feeling where you just know. And I knew. His friend gave us rides home later & he asked for my # when they dropped me off, and called me within 12 hours to go to a movie. We were married the following summer & are currently pg with #5, but all that is a whole nother part of our story!

  29. I met my boyfriend at college. He's a student at another school and came to visit a friend when I was a freshman. I'm now a junior and we've been together ever since.

    This week is my birthday so I'm dripping with karma.

    Elaine at

    sent me over.

  30. I met Matt 10 years ago in chem lab while we were doing our med school pre-reqs in Phoenix. He liked how I told off some idiot frat boys. I liked his legs in that kilt.

    He was married, so we behaved ourselves and were good friends. I moved a few times but we stayed in touch. 5 years ago when he called from across the country and said "[1st wife] just came out [as a lesbian], so you have to marry me now."

    He moved in with me (Portland OR) immediately. Three days after his divorce came through, we were married in a Chinese restaurant with a judge and 2 friends for witnesses. We've been blissfully happy ever since.

    PS - Still friendly with the ex and her new wife.

  31. I'm so loving Sharon Rose's story...

    Mine, not so exciting..

    The Big Guy and I met online, before the internet was even KNOWN as the internet. We are both runners and met through a listserv running group on what was the intros to the internet back in 1994. We both started talking because he was SOOO tall and I happened to know that LL. Bean carried good quality winter running clothes in tall sizes (I'm very short, but happened at the time to run with a VERY tall guy and had asked him before about his running clothes selections since I have the opposite problem as a very short runner)... we talked 'online' through emails for a few months before talking on the phone, and then meeting in person. We knew we were right for each other at that first meeting, but dated for 2 years before getting engaged... we've been married for 9 1/2 years :-)

    ps.. chan sent me here...

  32. Oh, what a fun contest!

    Needlegrrl sent me, before I forget.

    My husband and I have been together for over 7 years (married for nearly 3 of those years). We met in college, rather uneventfully, but our "first" date is quite memorable. Our school holds a formal every February, and I got this idea in my head that I would only go if I could wear a guy's suit, and the guy I was going with would wear a dress. I think I decided this because our high school dances were always so hyped up, and I just wanted everyone to lighten up a bit and have fun with it, but really, don't ask. If you can imagine, most of my guy friends wouldn't hear of it...except my husband, who was just a casual acquaintance at the time. So he lent me his suit, I lent him my dress (he didn't shave his goatee and wore white sneakers with it), and off we went. I promptly ditched him at the dance, and we didn't actually start dating until a year later, but...

    Had we not gone to this dance like this, we wouldn't have become friends. It was kind of the ice breaker for us, and an inside joke, and instantly fostered a positive relationship. Well, the friendship grew and grew, until we realized (several months after everyone ELSE realized this) that we loved each other and should date. And here we are.

    (And yes, there are pictures. If he ever wants to run for political office, he'd be in trouuuuble.)

  33. First of all, House Full of Wool sent me here for this contest.

    My husband and I met on a blind date almost 15 years ago. We were set up by a mutual business acquaintance and we went to a local bar for drinks and dinner. I remember looking in the mirror before heading out and saying to myself "here goes nothing" as blind dates had never been much of a success. Well I was wrong! After dinner we made plans to see a movie the following weekend. The rest is history. It was one of those things where we knew very quickly we had found "the one" and we were married within a year of our having met. We were on our honeymoon when we celebrated the anniversary of our blind date.

    Now the bar where we met has been closed and is our pediatricians office. Our kids love going into the examining room which is approximately where mom and dad sat on their first date.

    An yes, the person who set us up came to our wedding.

  34. I got here from Turtle Lakes Knitting.

    I met my hubby on my first day of a summer job in college. I remember walking into the office (this is a very loose description - it was a Greenpeace canvassing office - hippy dippy abounded) and thinking that he was cute.

    He was dating another girl at work and I dated someone else a couple of times. After breaking it off with Boy A, I started dating Boy B. Boy B drowned a couple of weeks later in a freak accident. I had just met his parents 2 weeks prior and the funeral was one of the harder ones I had been too. His parents remembered me specifically and it broke my heart.

    The same weekend that Boy B passed away, Hubby-To-Be was swept over a waterfall while camping with some friends. Luckily, he is a strong swimmer because several other people have drowned at that same waterfall. (I don't remember the name of it right now.) I remember coming into work and being told about Boy B. HTB was the one who hugged me and held my hand, right in front of his girlfriend.

    Let's just say that spelled the end of that relationship.

    We didn't start dating right away and I remember vividly the first time we nearly kissed. It was magical (if somewhat dorky in retrospect).

    It has been 13 years that we have been together and 9 years that we have been married.

  35. I met my husband in high school as sophomores.We had an English class together.I was the social butterfly who talked alot and he was the quiet shy one.My teacher finally moved me to the other side of the room away from my friends and sit me right next to B.He listened to me rattle on every day about usually nothing at all.One day I asked him "Do you ever talk?"
    He replied "Do you ever shut up?"
    I knew I was in love.We dated briefly that year and then stayed friends.I had a long list of awful boyfriends and he always ws there for me to talk to.Our senior year,he invited me to go to a concert.I wasn't going to go but my Mother insisted.She said "It's not like you have to marry him."
    That was December 13,1985.We have been together since.Dating for 5 years and getting married in Sept.1990.
    So,my mother thinks she hand picked my husband.Well,actually,she pretty much did!

  36. My husband and I attended high school together. He was a senior when I was a freshman. I thought he was an arrogant and self absorb person (although handsome). We never associated.

    Fast forward 5 years later-

    I was at a friends when he showed up because he was friends with her boyfriend. He was a very different person. We became friends and after a few months, he helped me take my son and leave an abusive relationship with my sons biological father. Eventually, we became an item, got married, had twin girls, and he adopted my son. We will be together for 10 years this summer.

    Off to post your contest on my blog.

    To post a comment I need to put in my google or blgger account. I don't blog with my blogger account and never check my google account so here is the link to my blog at wordpress:

  37. I met my hubby on in 2002- kid you not! We met up and it was love at first sight. 1 year later in 2003 we moved in together. Our 2nd anniversary in 2004 he proposed. We got married just after celebrating 3 yrs together in 2005, and in December 2006 our son was born. He'll be joined by a little brother this June 2008! Time flies when you're having fun & are in love!

  38. I'm not officially entering the contest but Sharon Rose mentioned it on Ravelry and I had to chime in.

    I was waiting tables after college and a carpenter on the construction crew renovating the restaurant asked me out. (I said no, as I was dating at the time, but I came around a few months later.)

    Turns out his brothers, also on the crew, bet him $10 that a "stuck-up young college grad" would never go out with him: 29, divorced, 2 kids, no college degree.

    We dated 6 weeks before I moved in, got married a year and half later, and have been together almost 16 years.

    We never did get the $10, though.

  39. Sharon Rose sent me over from Ravelry.

    I had just graduated college and was planning a move to Chicago. I was surfing Yahoo, looking for apartments, and decided to skim the personals. Right after the guy in prison was a long, funny ad that I decided I needed to answer. We emailed for 6 months before I finally moved to Illinois. Then we talked on the phone a couple of times before meeting for lunch one day. That was almost 10 years ago. We've been married for over 8....

  40. We actually just had our dating one year anniversary. We first met four years ago online. We had a couple dates and just didn't really hit it off, plus we lived 2 1/2 hours away from each other. Then a little over a year ago he called me up. We had both moved closer to each other and we found that we actually have loads in common and great chemistry together. I really can't imagine not being with him now.

  41. Juan and I rowed together in college. By the last year we were both on the executive board, I was President and he my VP. He came onboard when we were receiving a lot of criticism from the team and past board members. So in a way we became closer because of all the criticism, but in a way he was also horrible to me in order for the team business not to suffer. I did not realize he liked me until months later. When he was about to graduate he finally decided it was okay to show more emotions and then we finally became an item.
    Great contest!

  42. DH and I met in person on October 18, 2002.

    He found my profile on Yahoo and emailed me about a week earlier. I read in his profile that his favourite band was "a band from Newfoundland that nobody's ever heard of". I emailed him back and asked if the band was Great Big Sea. It was!
    After chatting online and on the phone for a while, he asked me out on a date. We went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and I was totally swept off my feet.

    He proposed to me a year-less-a-day later.

    We'll celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary next month.

  43. I posted this on my blog as well.

  44. Hubby and I met when we were in high school. We were both 15, and he had just come back from a trip to London (which was at the TOP of my "wish list" of places to go at the time)... We became terrific friends, but never wanted to date because we didn't want to "ruin our friendship." Fast forward to being 21 years old. He moved to FL after serving in the Army, leaving me in NH (still only "friends"). I missed him dreadfully, and wrote him a letter telling him that I missed him, and loved him, and was IN LOVE with him. I told him if he didn't feel the same, then I wanted him to stop calling me, because I just couldn't handle only being friends anymore. A few days later, he called me. When I answered the phone, all he said was "I love you, too."

    The rest is history!

    I'm posting about the contest on my blog tonight, so that is 2 entries for me! YAY! Hopefully others will come over and drop my name.

    I'm listening to your podcase now. Another good one!

  45. Wow--you got a bunch of barks in a hurry. I visit you often, but tonight I am here courtesy of I will post on my blog when I am done with this bark. I met my husband almost 22 years ago at a recovery meeting. I had been divorced about 8 years and was definitely not looking for a relationship. We met at a recovery meeting--he was speaking--I was listening. We talked before and after the meeting and we hit it off. I invited him over for a cup of coffee--I forgot to put the coffee in and it was hot water. He has never let me forget that and makes sure others know about it too. Well the rest is history, and I am so glad that God brought us together. He has certainly bee good for me

  46. The stories are so much fun to read!

    I met my fiance on Myspace a year and a half ago. Our first date was at a bar across the street from my house. He was late and showed up wasted ... but I had no idea! He had a cute, contagious smile and kept me entertained.

    Until I saw the band on his ring finger. I was pissed. How could some married guy take me out on a date! "Well I guess this is why dating sucks," I thought to myself. I was irritated and looking for a way out so I finally motioned to the ring. It turns out it was his dad's wedding band and he'd worn it ever since he died 20 years earlier.

    This past Christmas he asked me to marry him and gave me the ring as the engagement ring. :)

    Elaine sent me -

  47. At the end of my darkest year ever (ugly divorce, single parenting two little ones, drinking 'way too much) my girlfriend introduced me to M in a bar, of all places. We laugh now that he actually fell in love with my kids before me (and them with him), but we just celebrated 30 years together a few weeks ago. Oh, and ... we've been sober together for 29 of those, learning to 'live, love and laugh' every day.

    By the way, Grace sent me - thanks!

  48. Ok first off, I posted about the contest on my blog :-) now.........

    My boyfriend Shane and I have been together for almost 6 years, it will be the 6 years on Feb 15th..

    SO... I was 19 and he was 21, I met him online while he was stationed in Okanawa Japan in the Marines, When he came back to the states we met in person at Loves truck stop because of course I wanted to meet in a public place... When he first pulled up and stepped out of the car my first thought was "Thank you God!!" He was holding a beautiful 24kt gold dipped rose and had an amazing smile on his face... it was love at first sight. We hugged and then he followed me to my house since he wasn't a cereal killer and then we took his car to dinner... we talked for hours I was giddy and star eyed and he was just as happy. We at dinner and then talked more and took a walk in the park by my house and stood in the middle of the field looking at the stars while he held my hand... I sooo wanted him to kiss me but he didnt... he then walked me back to my house and we said good night... still no kiss!!! That night I got an email (which I still have) telling me that he thought I was beautiful and how he wanted to kiss me soo bad but he didnt want to be disrespectful.... our next date was two days later... Valentines day :-) He showed up at my house will 1 dozen pink roses, a box of candies and a beautiful card. We went to dinner again at Mimi's Cafe and while waiting for a seat, we were sitting on the bench and he kissed my forehead and when I looked up he just kissed me and I just melted :-) That exact moment I knew I loved him.... for a month he drove an hour everyday to see me and then had to go back to base in Camp Pendleton (San Diego about 8 hours from my house) for a year and a half we had a long distance relationship and he drove up every-weekend to see me, he would leave Friday at 8pm, get here Saturday early morning and leave Sunday at 8pm so he could make PT MOnday by 7am.... He finally got out and I moved to Roseville to be with him and the rest is history. I love him very much and there are so many wonderful stories I could tell, but I dont think there is enough space here :-) Oh....... When he gave me the gold dipped rose this is what he wrote in the card said..."When I saw this rose I thought of is Beautiful on the outside, but the inside is where the true beauty is." I still remember word for word 6 years later... one more cute story before I go... one night he called me Friday and told me he couldnt come because he had to do something on base, I understood but I really missed him and hadnt seen him in a month.... I said goodnight and at 1am in the morning my phone rang and it was Shane, he said he just wanted to tell me that he loved me and that he missed me, I told him that I missed him to and that I understood and then I herd a knock at the door and it was him with roses and that wonderful smile :-) He got out of what he had to do and he surprised me :-) :-)

    Well I will let you all go now... I am glad you had this contest... It made me think of all the wonderful memories I have and appreciate my relationship even more, sometimes after 6 years you need to remember some of those wonderful falling in love memories.. whenever I get mad at Shane I look back at all the letters he wrote me and every card he sent me and I remember what a loving man I have in my life.

    Yes... I have every letter and every card he ever gave me and even all the roses dried from when we first started dating.... ok done I promise :-)

  49. I met Ben at fencing practice. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore (sort of) at Ohio University. I was terrified of him, because he fought all in black, was very aggressive, and had a slightly morbid sense of humor. Later that year, I accidentally signed up to work with him at the dining hall, where I got to know him.

    This past September he asked me to go to Radar Hill (which overlooks campus) and we've been together ever since. He proposed in June, and we intend to marry this December. (I know I'm getting a sword for this Valentine's Day!!!)

  50. Hi there - I found you via Grace's blog ( and couldn't resist!!

    My husband is Manx, I'm Irish and we met while I was living in Spain.

    We were both aged 22 when we met. I was sent to work in London for a few weeks at Mr CB's office, by my boss in Spain.

    As Mr CB was my 'liaison' he was very courteous and kept me entertained during my stay. We went to movies together and ate together in the evenings.

    Needless to say, when he came to visit the office in Spain, I reciprocated and we wiled away the evenings in each others company.

    I hadn't had any emotional feelings for mr CB at that stage and viewed him as a good friend, even though we'd only met a few short weeks before.

    But one day on a return visit to London, I was sat at the spare desk in his office. He came into the room and invited me out to the Cinema. As usual, he looked a bit dishevelled in his jacket with the too long sleeves, his scuffy shoes and overgrown hair and I looked at him and thought "OMG he's the one". It really took me by surprise.

    Loads of people told me over the years that when you meet 'the one' something just clicks. And it did. He definitely wouldn't have been on my short list of 'men I want to spend the rest of my life with' but suddenly he was.

    And the rest is history. Less than 6 months later, in September 2004, I moved to London to be with him. We married in September 2006 and had a beautiful Baby Girl in August 2007. We have now moved back to the Isle of Man and our daughter is a healthy 10+ year old, Little Miss CB.

    Mr CB is a very caring and loving man. He is a doting father and kind brother/uncle/son.

    He takes care of me and has stuck with me through thick and thin. About 5 yrs ago I became disabled through a back injury and during the operations, rehab, depression and aftercare, he was there. And he still is.

    We have our ups and downs like any couple, but when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I'm reminded of the wonderful way that we met and it brings a smile to my face.

    I'm excited today as he's returning from one of his regular trips to the London office. I still get excited at the thought of him coming home, and even moreso at the moment he walks in the door and is pounced on by Little Miss CB.

  51. How Carl and I met...well we went to the same college but he graduated right before I got there so I never met him. However, out friend Leigh wen to HS and College with me and we were in the sorority (we're close) well she was dating his best friend through most of college. When that ended She and Carl stayed friends. So 2 summers ago when Leigh setup a summer house in Fire Island Carl was part of the group but only signed on for half as many weekend as the rest of us. So a few weekends in I'm sitting in the house waiting for the rest of the group to arrive (this was the first and last time I got there before everyone else). I was reading and enjoying a nice glass of wine when the door opens and in walks Carl. He was cute and funny and great. We laughed the whole weekend. Someone in the group said we should date but I wasn't interested in Carl because he was little short for me. Well that sunday we didn't talk but that monday he emailed me. We've talked every day since then and we moved in with each other about a month or two later.

    When did I know we were meant for each other...well I knew when we sang Walking in Memphis together at the top of our lungs SOBER! I love him.

    I'm linking to you now and I came her by way of NH Knittingmama.

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  53. shethinksshecan sent me.

    Uhm, I hope this is ok, but since mine is a fairly long story to tell, I'm linking my website to the page that tells the story of how hubby and I met and got together.
    This Valentine's Day will be our 6th anniversary

    helps if I actually add the link though, right?

  54. DF and I met the day after I had broken up with my ex-bf. My roommate and I were at chow and a friend came to eat with us. He brought DF with him. He sat across from me and I was immediately attracted to him (I just knew I wanted to get to know him better, even if just as friends). We just talked, etc, but I kept running into him (and I never had before though we go to the same school, started the same semester, had the same friends, etc). We started hanging out and I eventually had to ask "what was going on between us" (exact words, yes, I'm a dork) because he was too shy to! I am his first real relationship and he was a little unsure of himself (it's so cute). We got engaged 8 months later and have been together 15 months (on the 11th). Wedding will be after we both graduate (hopefully Dec 09!!!).

  55. The one thing that made me fall in love (well ok lust) with my hubby is spandex. I was doing a co-op workterm and my desk faces a pretty major hallway. Every day he would commute to work on his bicycle and I would get an up close view of his spandex covered tushie as he walked past my desk to get to his. He was pretty shy so it took awhile for me to work through his shell. We'll be married 10 years this fall. BTW, he still bikes a lot and his butt still looks great in spandex.

  56. Two years out of high school we moved to a new town, and away from my boyfriend of 5 years. I started at the University, and was involved in a student group there, and also one at my church.

    At one of those gatherings, I happened to look up only to see the cutest guy EVER! Tall, soft brown hair, and dark brown, dancing eyes. We'd run into each other often, and I knew that I just simply HAD to have him!

    As we began our relationship, the one with the "old" boyfriend simply faded away. (Funny how that works!!)

    About a year and a half later we were married, and that was 30 years ago last August 6.

    I've got a link posted on my blog,

  57. I came home from work one night 13 years ago almost to the date (February 17, to be exact). I was very tired from a long day at work (it was now about 9:30pm) and battling snow and ice on the way home. I walked in the door, made a cup of tea and headed to my bedroom where I changed into jammies and turned on my computer. I figured I'd go online and chat for a little bit before turning in.

    I went into IRC (Internet Relay Chat) into a room called simply #chat and, while sipping my tea and warming up, chatted a little bit. A private message came from someone whose online name was Britt. After about 15 minutes, we both decided to chat in a private room where we wouldn't be bothered.

    We chatted for about an hour about our jobs, our families, God and religion, and things very important to us. It was not your run of the mill online chat. At least, not for me.

    The next night, after work, I came online again. We found each other and chatted some more. We never ran out of anything to say. It was never boring. And it was almost always filled with laughter of some sort.

    Two months later we chatted on the phone. We lived 2,000 miles apart. We talked on the phone for 7 hours. That's right. Seven Hours. I called him. He later asked for my address to send me the money to pay for the phone bill.

    Seven months after our initial chat, he flew up here to meet me in person. He stayed for three weeks and I drove him all over New England and we had a great time. Two months later, he moved all his possessions and came back up here to live, to date me off the computer.

    Two years later, we got married. It's been 10 1/2 years and we're about to celebrate our 13th anniversary of that very first chat. Valentine's Day is good, but February 17th is MUCH better.

    All these years later, we're still always holding hands, smiling at one another, saying "I love you" ALL the time, talking on the phone and on the computer when we're apart, and just a couple of weird people in love.

  58. oh and I forgot to say that Ursula sent me (I like to think I can knit blogspot) and that I've posted about your contest on my blog!


  59. Mr. Criquette and I were neighbors and friends. I was going through a bad breakup and he was literally the shoulder I cried on. A few months later, he began making his moves. I succumbed when he offered a shoulder and neck rub after a hard day at work. He's a good husband (and knitting enabler) and still my best friend!

  60. I forgot to mention that Nichole (Lapdog Creations) sent me.

  61. I was reading Ursula's blog- the newly engaged gal so I felt so motivated to write how I met my husband of almost 14 years which is a contest on BarknKnit. which Urusula said I should check out!

    It's hard to believe that it has been 14 years already. Way back when before my husband graduated high school and became a a firefighter; he was taking his Emergency Medical Technician class and was on a ride along. He was helping out on an ambulance with his buddy Jeffe who worked for Hartson's. I was a candy striper in the Emergency room at Grossmont Hospital (my current place of employment before it became Sharp.)

    He dropped off a patient and started talking to me and left me his phone number. and it's all history from there folks. Not the most romantic story but it works.

  62. I met Jack while in a AOL chat room...we talked on the phone for a coule of weeks, and I finally gave in and agreed to meet him for dinner....That was 9-14-00...we moved in together on 11-20-00 (the day after my 33rd birthday)and were married on 7-21-01...I knew he was the one almost from the start, he had a good head on his shoulders, neither of us had ever been married (he is 5 yrs older than I) and we got along so well together...It has been a rocky road especially with 2 little ones, but I think there is no seperating us.

  63. Signed up for a stained glass course and took the teacher. He told me "if you're going to get serious with me you have to move to a place called Lions Bay, British Columbia, population 1500. Even though a NY girl by birth,I said "Oh,OK." Married now for 25 years, but we moved to civilization - North Vancouver.

  64. We both randomly decided to take a piano class - our majors are completely different, so otherwise we never would have met!

  65. I'll post up a link, but don't have an SO to share a story about ;p

  66. Found this posted on Chan's blog. Thought I'd pop over and give you a really cheesy entry!

    Craig and I met at a Children's Horse Camp in British Columbia Canada. We both worked as counsellors, but his family owned the Ranch. He was from England and went to Canada every summer to work at the camp.

    The summer I went back to be a Lifeguard, was the summer "we" happened. I was 17 and he was almost 18 (summer birthday), and we sorta liked each other, but neither one of us said anything. Another counsellor friend finally asked me, "do you like Craig?" to which I didn't answer... but that was enough for her! She told Craig that I liked him, and it just carried on from there. On the Friday night a week later (we have a Camp Dance on Friday nights) he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend, which I said yes to. It was nearly midnight so I gave him his present early (our anniversary is the day before his birthday).

    We had a lovely summer, but as the end drew near, and the fact that he would have to go home was drawing near. Like a boy, Craig tried to give me an "easy way out"... he said we could keep talking, and then if either one of us met someone else, we would just tell the other. I told him I didn't WANT to meet anyone else. After a lot of tears on my part, we agreed to keep dating long distance.

    We've been together for 2.5 years - we spend the summer together in Canada and I come to England for Christmas. However, as I've just graduated - in November 2007 I moved to England to close the long-distance and we're still going!

  67. Hubby and I met at a Civil War, it wasn't "Gone With The Wind" but it was love at first sight! June 17, 1999...the rest is history! Three years latter we were married in a 19th Century Church and took our guests back in time having a Civil War period Wedding...June 15, 1863/2002. This year we are planning a trip to Scotland to renew our vows at Eileen Donaan Castle (my family's historic castle)!
    Being we are older we know that there's a chance we probably won't have a 25th Wedding Anniversary, (but are hoping to) so we are making the most of the time we DO have together. "Live Well~Laugh Often~Live Much"!!

  68. I met my hubby back in high school - and we've been together ever since! I think these days it's rare to have a high school sweetheart and get married to them!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  69. My hubby and met when he was dating the best friend of my brothers girlfriend. I was dating someone as well. We saw each other in passing a couple of times. He was in college and trying to make extra cash and so began selling Cutco knives. He came over to our house to give his presentation to my brother and I. We bought some knives for our parents. My brother worked third shift and had to go to work. My hubby and I sat there talking til 1 in the morning about life and everything completely as friends as he thought I was much older. He had broken up with his girlfriend but still had feelings for her.

    Fast forward 2.5 years. My boyfriend of 5 years finally gone, I was looking fo rhappiness, but not necessarily love. I got his number from my brother and called him up, because all I could really remember was that he made me laugh. We went out a couple of times and decided to just be friends. So, as freinds, off we go to Outback steakhouse (I had never been before) we sitting there looking at each other across the table and it happened - we fell in love. A year and a half later we were married. We will be married 9 years this year and have beautiful triplet girls!!! How could life get any better?

  70. Courtney (Confessions of a Knitter) sent me

    I met my husband of 32 years at a car race. My first racing event, I couldn't care less I was just there to sell programs for a local charity. He thought I was cute (ha!) and started chatting with me...he still thinks I'm cute and still talks to me!
    Terry - sailingknitter

  71. OK, firstly NH Knitting mamma sent me :) The way we met wasn't all that exciting. I was a teller working in the drive-thru and he used to cash his check there every week. I didn't know until 10 or so years later, he drove by about 6 times before getting the nerve to ask me out. He was the only person I said yes to, because at 23, I always got that. See what happens? 25 years later and still very much an item ;-)

  72. Irisheyes sent me (
    My husband and I met each other at the bus station - top level of Den Haag Central Station. We were about to go to an information day in order to become a care giver for mentally challenged people. Since that time we are together, and on the 21st we are going to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary, plus my 41st birthday.

  73. I can honestly say I met the love of my life at the animal shelter (my kitty! Granted, one day I'm hoping to meet a human...but until my schedule works for that I don't think it will happen!) So instead, I'll tell you my parents stories....they were both recently divorced and my mom decided to put a listing on the personal ads...she had tons of responses. My dad was put in the no pile because he was a few years younger than her and she didn't know if she'd want to go out with a younger guy. My mom's kids saw the letter though and convinced her to give it a try. They met at a tea shop...hit it off and got married...

    Great contest idea... I'm loving the stories.


  74. I've just found your blog and this contest. I met my sweetie on Valentines Day of 1984 at a friends impromptu dinner. He had just arrived from California to freezing cold and snowy Canada. He was miserable and I didn't like him much. A month or so later I ran into him at an open house he was working on (I was a realtor) and he looked a little better to me. I invited him to my house to do some work for me and within a month he was living with me. The rest as they say is history, he still hates the cold and snow up here but we celebrate 24 years together this April and 17 years of marriage in May. I love your dogs, by the way...ciao

  75. Found you from NH Knitting Mama! I met DRD in 1984 and was engaged to him 22 years ago today! I was working at a tennis club and he was the local tennis hero. I thought he was hot the first moment I met him and had a serious crush! I would go home and tell my roommate about him, what he said, what he did, blah,blah,blah. I was 25 and he was turning 30. He asked me out (as he did all the girls that worked there I'm told!) but 24 years later here we are and we're even happy! ;-) I've always said we fell in love that summer on a trip to Martha's Vineyard to take care of an 83 year old friend for a few days. We were driving an old station wagon with a bench seat and I sat next to him the whole time! Boy I would love another bench seat!

  76. I found you through Alyssa ( My husband and I met at a wedding when I was in high school and he was in college. He went away for a couple of years to work on a graduate degree and then moved back into town. I was going out with someone else at the time, and my mom tried to set him up with a distant cousin I had who was staying with us for the summer. We ended up spending a lot of time together, fell in love, and the rest is history!

  77. Sent here by NH Knitting Mama.

    So here's my story. After just graduating from high school, for the first time in four years, I was in a good mood. I'm a really social-anxiety type person. I'm nervous around everyone, even people I've known for years. I met The Boy about 2 weeks into my freshman year of college (he was a sophomore). We were hanging out in a big group of people with coloring books. And...I dunno, something just clicked. For some reason, I was immediately completely comfortable around him, which has never happened before. And I was actually able to flirt with him and enjoy it. There isn't really an official date that we got together, we just sort of grew into each other. Been together ever since.

    I'm posting this on my blog over here:

  78. It was 1985. I went on a three-week vacation with a youth group to St. Petersburg, FL from Germany. There were 30-something kids of us between the ages of 15 and 18. We were living with host families of a church congregation while here and shown around in mini-vans. She was one of the drivers.

    She struck me, because she was one of the few people I could talk to. And talk we did. One night until 7 a.m. My host family was not amused. We stayed in touch after I left - talk about long distance.

    She came to Germany the next Christmas. Big culture shock for her. After that we saw each other more or less often, in six-month intervals or so until she moved to Germany in 1989. Big step for her.

    Two weddings (one here, one there), two kids and 13 years later it was time for her to go back home, so we moved to Tampa Bay and have been here since 2002. Big step for me that time.

    Btw, it was the pastor's wife who started the 'exchange' program.

    Back then I wouldn't have dreamed of living in the sub tropics.

    I pinch myself sometimes to make sure this is really happening.

  79. LOL! These comments are fun to read!

    Hubby and I met my freshman year of college. I was going into the office of the computer tech at my school to talk about coding and such and he was friends with him. Anyway, we got on to the conversation of hobbies and mentioned that I mostly did fiber stuff and had actually brought my spinning wheel to college with me. We talked about that for a while and then I left and didn’t see him again for almost a year. At that time his sister has come to school as a freshman and we hit it off. I was crocheting a lot at that time (knitting needles bugged my professors for some reason.) and she crocheted. Well in one of our conversations I mentioned that I had a 8 harness floor loom at my parents house and a spinning wheel in my dorm closet. Highly impressed she told me her brother had a loom as well and he lived one town over. Well, I had to see this loom, so we call him up and drive over. Again didn’t see nor talk to him for another year. Junior year we start dating (his sister and I became roommates that year too. So I married my roommate brother and our other roommate married her twin brother so my roommates from Junior year are now my sisters in law.)

  80. Mark and I were set up by a mutual friend. He was in the I-just-want-everyone-to-be-as-happy-as-I-am phase of pre-wedding bliss. So, he sat me, another of our single female friends, down and asked us what we were looking for. You could see that his mind was moving friends into either the "Devin", "Steph", or "Neither" catagory. Well, he decided that Mark and I would be great for each other. He told Mark, as they were driving to meet us "You'll get a long with Devin really well, cause you're both city-people." So, our "blind" date- with " chaperones" (Andy & Steph) went well. We decided to get together the next day- just the two of us. I think this is when I realized that he was a really sweet guy (since we didn't really get to talk much the night before- movies & dance clubs don't really allow for that)- and it sounds like a romantic comedy. He suggested that we go for a walk around a lake, then have a picnic. The walk was nice, we talked about all kinds of things, where we would want to live that we've never been, etc. We decided to picnic near this man-made pond outside the Conservatory (which is attached to the Como Zoo). We picked a spot and started eating. All the sudden we noticed that the automatic sprinklers that had been on just down the way from us had turned off. Then we heard the ammonous sound of things coming up out of the ground, and suddenly, we were getting wet. We grabbed everything, and moved down the lawn- away from the sprinklers. Re-settled and continued. 20 minutes later, guess what happened? Yup, we were getting wet again. At that point we moved to another area- where there were no sprinklers. When it got dark, we decided to head to DQ for a cone. We sat in his car (we had both drove) talking forever. It was a great night. I knew then that he was special.

    End Sappy Story- Enjoy Natalie!!!

  81. Credit goes to Numbknit Carol for sending me here.

    hubbo and I met the old fasioned way - a friend, Cindy, set us up. She was my best buddy at the time and we loved to go clubbing on Long Island and flirt, people watch etc. Good times!
    One Saturday night we were hanging out and she suggested going to a club to meet up with a good friend of her older sister. I was totally clueless about it being a set up.
    There was a wonderful brass band playing that night and we settled in at a table, ordered appetizers and when they arrived Cindy and I announced that he'd better eat fast because we were eaters. It's a miracle that he didn't run for the door.
    We moved in together 4 months later and less than a year after that we were engaged. Here we are nearly 15 years and 2 kids later. Who knew?

  82. OMG! I was logged in under the wrong account, that last comment was from me -not Sock.

  83. My husband and I met at work. We were both engaged to other people but did the NY Times crossword puzzle everyday at lunch. I eventually broke off my engagement and his relationship was going down the tubes. After one and one-half years of office friendship, I invited him to have a drink with me after work while I killed some time before going to a wake. It was then I knew that he was the one for me. It took another 6 years before we were married but we'll celebrate our 15th anniversary in May.


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