Monday, July 16, 2007

Knitting, Quilting, distractions.

So, I have been thinking I wanted to start learning to knit again. I read this blog Crazy Aunt Purl and she knits and talks about it all the time and I get excited every time she does. I tried a while ago and got it down but never really finished anything...especially since I've moved to Florida and well it's hot here. :) IE knitting scarfs and hats doesn't really make much sense. :)

If you ask Special K I just get distracted really easily so that's probably why I never finished. I'm not lazy....just easily distracted. :)

My summer project right now are the two t-shirt quilts and four pillows waiting to be sewn. I've sewn the front sides of both quilts...the parts with all the t-shirts. The material and sewing stuff is pretty much taking up every possible flat surface of our living room including the top of Abigail's crate.

I worked diligently when we were house sitting for our landlords. I took over their dining room and kitchen. I had space and when it comes to cutting tons of fabric and sewing you need that. For those of you who don't know...our living room is the size of a big walk-in closet. :) Not much room to set up a sewing machine. I still need to cut out the back parts of the quilts and the pillow material. I have everything I need but space. I tried the other day and spread material all over the floor in the living room...and well with two big dogs who like to be right under foot...or on top of said got difficult to continue. We are house/pet sitting for our landlords in August for 10 days and I've pretty much resigned to waiting to complete the quilts and pillows til then. My sister G said she would help when the time long as she and her family can swim in their pool. :)

So...for now what do I do. I already spend so much time in front of my computer with work and such. I read enough to drive Special K crazy. (Last night I got a "Could you get your head out of the book and come here") I haven't been inspired to pick up a paint brush or charcoal in I don't know how long...again that takes space. Knitting seems perfect.

Last problem is...I am on a budget because we are moving into a bigger house in Sept and I've already spent my summer craft budget on my quilt and sewing stuff. I guess I can pull out my old knitting needles...and the unfinished yarn. :) Now is the time to learn how to knit. When my budget allows I guess I can go purchase new yarn and some new needles because that may help. :) I might go see if any of my sister's, who crochet would let me have some of their old yarn for learning purposes as well.

Wish me luck in my crazy new idea...which I'm sure I'll hear a few choice words about. :)


  1. I just started reading CAP's blogs and they are fantastic. Especially since I, myself, am THEE cat person and so is she. Just the other day she posted "The Story Of Roy" and I cried my eyes out. It just wasn't because her cat died and she sang that great song to him but because of my own personal shit I'm going through with my dad.

    I didn't realize how artistic you were...........just like my son. I don't know where he gets it from. I can't draw bathwater or attention but he has a very beautiful hand.

    I used to crochet all the time and made a couple of things for my family but I think I'll try knitting. It looks so soothing but with 4 cats, I'm sure I'll have some help.........or hindrance.......whichever comes first.

  2. Shari, Sounds good. I like cats but I just can't breathe all that well around them. :) My dogs are more likely to eat my needles and rip apart whatever I make but I guess it's worth it.

    That story of Roy is sad. She had written a lot about him in past blogs.

    I went to art school and kind of got burnt out when it comes to making real art but I love doing crafts and creating stuff.

    Here's to learning to knit!

  3. Girl, I need to see some pictures of those t-shirt quilts.

    I've been saving up some t-shirts forever in the thought that someday I would make one.


    Oh, skated over from CAP, of course.


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