Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My trip to Tiny T-town.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining Special K on a trip to his home town...Toronto, Ohio...The Gem City.(they have a McDonald's, which is the cleanest one I think I've ever seen) We flew out friday afternoon and I must say I was pretty excited to visit his hometown and meet his mom. We got in a 6pm and much to our disappointment we weren't able to go to the Cubs vs Pirates game (long story) but oh well... His sister picked us up and within two minutes were bickering like they hadn't been away from each other for the last couple months. I enjoyed the ride home and listened to the constant banter. We stopped by his aunt Jojo's house to pick up a car and then headed to his home for 22 years. We arrived and his mom ran out and leaped onto him. She was very happy he was home. We stayed with his sister so we went in and I met his nephew Logan. He's a very cool kid and liked to call me Aunt Madalie....once it was Uncle Madalie...but that's ok. He's only 2.

We had Chinese take out for dinner and then went out to meet some of his buddies. We stopped and chatted for a bit with his friend Shawn, or Cane or whatever else Special K calls him. I don't think I understood more than two words that came out of Shawn's mouth but Special K was able to catch every word. I mostly didn't know the people he talked about so it was hard to follow.

Our next stop was his friend Steve's. We stayed there pretty much the rest of the night. At first it was Steve, Special K, and I but it quickly became a crowd. :) We played a game I had almost forgotten but remembered like it was yesterday. Moosehead...this is a drinking game using a quarter and an ice tray. My friends called it Moose. :) It was fun and I drank more that night than I had in a long time but I was good.(stay away from the robitussin jello shots) We skipped going to the Margaret's Bar(he wasn't sure he could get in due to happenings at Christmas time) because we were tired and headed home to sleep on a tiny and I mean tiny twin bed.

Saturday started with Special K making a great breakfast and then he took me on a driving tour of T-town with his mom. The tour lasted about 15 minutes to span the town but I got to see lots of places that Special K knew like the back of his hand. After our tour, Special K needed to go get measured for a tux for a wedding he's in in August. We then picked up his brother and headed to meet his Grandparent's. Big K's parents were really nice. There house was warm and welcoming and Special K recounted his favorite times in the house. On separate occasions his grandparent's each asked if a wedding would be expected soon, since we are living together and renting a house soon.(they are old fashion but that's ok) But we just said we've talked about it and moved on. :) After several Let's go's from Special K's brother we left and headed back to his sis' to relax before the evenings events.

That night we went to an annual 4th of July party thrown by his buddy, Steve. It was fun times of drinking and socializing. I don't think I have ever seen Special K socialize as much as that night. He was with friends he's known pretty much his whole life and it was nice to see. His one comment for the night is every time he went off to pee or such I would disappear. :) I didn't mean to but I was a little tipsy. (I drank more that night than I had the previous night) and I hung out with the few that I was comfortable enough to start conversations with. :) We hung out as long as we could and after one round of flip cup for me headed home. We walked the 4 blocks back to his sister's house and passed out.

Sunday we hung out and relaxed around the house. His mom made us breakfast and it was wonderful. As we headed out it was sad to leave his mom so soon but it was nice to head back to our bed. We stopped by his grandparents house on the way to Pittsburgh airport and off we went back to our puppies and our tiny garage apartment.

It was very nice to see Special K's hometown. It explains a lot about him and it was wonderful to meet his mom and get along so well. I will definitely be excited to go back....just have to be ready for some drinking. I drank more this past weekend than I have since before Special K and I started dating. :)

The Gem City.....

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