Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It has become a full blown obsession....

I WANT TO LEARN TO KNIT!!! I can't stop reading and finding new knitting blogs to read about knitting which I can't start to learn yet. I have found patterns that I want to make, needles and yarn to buy. Arg!! I guess sitting at a temp job with not much to do but typing every once in a while has just about made this worse. :) I feel that I just need to knit. I can't explain it and yes I already know I'm crazy so you don't have to remind me but I just get obsessed with things. It's the way I've always been...I need to be doing something or researching something or just generally moving forward with things. :)

My two latest passions(sounds better than obsessions) are:

1. getting back in shape
2. learning to knit.

I've started the getting back in shape. After our softball game last night which was won in extra innings, I grabbed the dogs and went for a run/walk for about 30 minutes. I was pretty proud of myself at that alone but wait it gets better. When I was home stretching, Special K casually said that if I can get him out of bed in the mornings he will run/walk with me before work. I quickly agreed to three days a week and a bike ride during the weekend. Then at a little before 6am this morning ,I got up and dragged grumpy out for our run. It was easier that I thought to get him out of bed but let's see if that continues. Our only prob so far is that I walk to fast and he runs too fast...we agreed on a comprimise! We ran/walked for about 30 minutes then he jumped in the shower and I walked the dogs. After the shower he did make me breakfast in exchange for walking the dogs so I was happy. :) I took a shower too just for the record. the knitting part...I don't have needles or yarn and I agreed to not buy needles until I finish my quilt(which is on hold until Aug when I start house sitting for my landlords again, big house=lots of room to spread sewing stuff). So here I wait and read blogs about knitting that I can not do and just obsess that I can't get needles or yarn until late Aug when I'm back at school and have less time. While in August, we will be getting ready to move to a new house and will be spending most our free time packing. Oh well.

Just for reference on my previous passions as of late....My last two were making my t-shirt quilt and learning to play the guitar. T-shirt quilt is on hold until August but will be DONE!! I'll upload pictures of the work in progress. Both fronts of quilt look really cool!!! and learning to play the guitar is a slow process when you are teaching yourself but I'm still working on it.

Off to read more knitting blogs. :)

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  1. Welcome to the land of Knitting! You will love it. I tell my kids that it is magic. Go to your local library and see what books they have to offer.


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