Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blogging....toilet problems.

So. lately most my blogging time has been logged over at Barknknit. This poor blog is feeling neglected but I just can't bring myself to not have it. :) I know some of you who love me and read my blog could careless about what I'm knitting and what kind of yarn I like.'d rather just hear about me. :) I know you love me!! Well. I'll try to be better at posting over here.

Update...Life is good. This past weekend was lovely to be HOME. Spent time with Special K and we went over to his dad's for dinner. I really like the new house but it's come with some problems we've had to fix. Mainly this weekend was the problem of the TOILET. Sunday while I was already at church, Special K clogged the toilet and went to plunge it and I guess all kinds of fun stuff happen and it stopped working. He also looked under the house and saw that it was leaking. The fun part was that it backed up into our tub. GROSS!!! SO...this was fun to find out. We called our landlords to find out what we could do to get our shower and toilet back. They proceeded not to call us back until LATE Sunday night. We showed and you Fleas house and then slept in the house without a toilet or shower that night. The next day when I got home from work nothing had happened and the landlord had not called like he said he was. I waited and called all the landlords phone numbers finally getting a call from the plummer saying he was way up in Palm Harbor and wouldn't be able to get to us until TUES!!! I casually mentioned that this is the only toilet in the house...which he was not informed of before.

So...he called me Tuesday early and said that he would be at my house at noon. I only teach two classes so I could be home by then. As I'm walking into the house at noon, he calls to inform me that he forgot that he has to take his son to the doctor and that he won't be able to make it until later. So, I said ok I'll wait, just call when you are heading here. I wait and wait and wait until almost 2:30 when he calls to say he's on his way!!! I have volleyball practice at 3:30 so I call and get someone to sub. He shows up at almost 3:30 and spends time figuring out the problem which seems to be a back up in the main sewage line. UBER GROSS!!! We just move's not our grossness in there. So...he goes and gets his snake and returns and unplugs the sewage line and then replaces some stuff on the actual toilet which is broken. He finally heads out at like almost 5:30. Was a fun afternoon but we have both a working toilet and a lovely shower. :)

While he was there I managed to organize the office and bedroom more and get some boxes unpacked. I also graded papers and added stuff to the webpage. All in all it was a fun afternoon...note the sarcasm. :)

Thank you Fleas for letting us use your restroom!!

Happy day!!! Happy Day!!!

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