Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dogs on Thursday cont!!

Just had to share the conversation I just had with Progress Energy. We just moved and we got our first bill. I didn't put it up like I know I need to and Jackjack got a hold of it and ate it!! So here I am calling progress energy and having to tell a nice woman that my dog ate my bill. She started laughing naturally but when I told her that I'm a teacher she had to turn and tell her coworker. "I have a teacher on the phone who's dog ate here bill" she said. Yes, I heard laughing and I laughed along. :) She issued me a new bill and hopefully this one will stay out of Jackjack's mouth and I'm able to pay my bill. Thank goodness I have until the 10th to pay the bill.

Happy Knitting and Blogging and Training my pups!!!


  1. Oh My!
    That is hysterical!
    Good Dog, jack Jack!
    You can come eat my utility bill anytime you want!

  2. I've got some reports due at work. Do you think JJ could help me get an extention?

  3. I never woulda believed it myself:)

  4. ROFL...thanks for the laugh on a Friday, last day of the month, I'm an accountant and there is nothing funny here at work! bleh


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