Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dogs on Thursday!!

This is an old video of Abby swimming. She loves to swim in any water available. We haven't had time to go the beach but after watching this video again I think we might have to venture to the beach this weekend. :) We'll work on it!!!

I took these pictures in our NEW backyard. Jackjack is always so "proper" until there is a squirrel or cat around. :) hehehe

Abby just likes to run around and it's hard to get her to stay still when there is so much to see and explore. :) But she is just so adorable.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!! I love these posts.


  1. Cute dogs! I wish my Gracie would swim - she's such a sissy.

  2. What sweeties. Grover refuses to go anywhere near the water. It might mean a bath!

  3. Hey, I got your message that you need my address. Could you send me your email? Then I'll send you an email privately.


  4. Hi, your dogs are addorable. Abbey is a bathing beauty and how clever you are to add video. I am a dunce when it comes to that stuff. Just learned to get pictures from camera to computer...hubby was doing before.

  5. I love the swimming video. makes me want to swim. What was the song? We danced to it in bellydance two years ago but i never asked.

  6. Maddy's a sissy too -- no swimming for her! She likes her water filtered and in her bowl!

    Jack is awwwwwfully cute!!!

  7. What awesome dogs you have! Jack Jack looks so regal in his pose.
    and boy does Abigail loooove water!
    Elise would never do all that!

  8. My gosh, your dogs are ever so cute! I really enjoyed watching the video too - thank you so much for sharing!


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