Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So, I came home to a package from Knit Picks. My first order ever! I can't tell you everything I got but I can show you the lovely sock yarn I bought myself.

It's Knit Picks Essentials in Tuscany Multi. The colors are so pretty and it's so soft!! Now that I realized that it's so easy to order from them and it really didn't take as long as most people had been saying. I might have to order me some Harmony needles. They look so beautiful!!

Umm...a dilemma in a way. :) Last weekend I went to Knit n Knibble in Tampa and purchased sock yarn to work on as well.

Regia Design Line in landscape fire. I like this color but I think because it's similar to the one from Knit Picks I may end up exchanging it for a different color. :)

Well..I'm so excited about new sock yarn from Knit Picks because I've heard so many great things that I'm off to cast on my first sock ever!! (this doesn't include the first cast on with the sockotta yarn that was a fiasco...and was frogged) I'll keep you all posted.

A quick thank you to all who have been commenting on my blog and reading all my tales and nonsense. I'm really happy I have readers and that everyone is SO supportive. I never realized how much the knitting blog world would bring me. Thank you.


  1. Well thanks for posting! You're a real pleasure to know girl! Keep both the yarns! The Regia has the bright blues in it the KP doesn't, so they are different ;) Aren't I generous with your wallet?

  2. Definitely let us know how the knit picks yarn goes. I ordered some needles (prior to the harmony release) and can't wait to try them out. I purchased a pair for my SP 11 pal so figured I could try a pair for myself as well, right? But, I haven't tried their yarn yet.

    I was happy to pass the volleyball info along. That can be a tough system to try and work within. My husband's first full-time coaching job was at a boys private school, but luckily it was still an "earn your place" type system. It has to be hard when you probably have all skill levels, but at that age at least the focus is more on skill building, team, and sportsmanship, rather than on winning. Good Luck - I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job!

  3. Oh I so want the Harmony needles, they look so cool. Of course the last thing I need is more yarn or needles, thus I've been avoiding the temptation :-)

  4. Your yarn is lovely. In all my favorite colors. You could always use one for you and make the other as a gift! Your stitch markers are fantastic. I was looking at them in the catalogs and they are sure expensive. I will try my hand at them now for my Fall into Autumn secret pal. Thanks!

  5. I LOVE that Regia yarn! Great colors!

  6. WARNING: you are now HOOKED on knit picks and have fallen in to their super affordable, wonderful yarn trap!


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