Wednesday, September 19, 2007

KnitMap - Fun Fun Fun!!!

Patricia of Pischi Days left a comment about this awesome website this morning. KnitMap is a new site that allows you to search all the yarn stores in an area. It's user added yarn stores so their database is growing. You can rate stores and add comments and pictures. I spent about 30 minutes on and off this morning on this site. I added pictures of the yarn stores I have and rated them. I also added my favorite LYS Needles and Knobs, that wasn't there yet. :) Everyone go over there and check it out. The website creaters are The Yarn Traveler and her boyfriend. Check out her blog too. I think this is a great site for us Yarn lovers and we should help support her.

PS...I realized while I was on there that if Ravelry is this site plus more...that I might be in trouble when I do finally get my invite because I won't want to do anything else. ;)


  1. Dude, you live in my hometown. ;) I *just* moved out of St. Pete, and now I find out there's this yarn shop on Central? I lived a couple of streets down from Central -- for all I know, this place is virtually walking distance from my old apartment. And I went looking aalllll over St. Pete a few years ago to find a yarn shop, too. Argh! Why do they do these things to me? ;) When the heck did that place open?

    Anyway, I live in Palm Harbor now, close to Uncommon Threads. I Absolutely Must come visit Needles and Knobs someday, no matter how frustrating it will be to know that I lived like ten minutes away at most, only four months ago...

    BTW, when you do make it onto Ravelry, feel free to friend me. I'm Silver there. :D

  2. Thanks for the tip on KnitMap, it looks pretty interesting at first glance. When I get home from work I can explore a bit more thoroughly, lol. Have a good one!


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