Saturday, September 22, 2007

Random catch up!!!

Friday was great!! I spent the morning sleeping in with Special K. He made breakfast and it was great. I took the dogs to the dog park and got in some dog park knitting.

Then I spent the afternoon at my LYS knitting my sock. I'll get up pictures tomorrow. I love the way the Knit Picks is knitting up!!! Have I mentioned that I LOVE Knit Picks?? Oh yeah, I did already just wanted to remind everyone. :) Anyway, I had a good time hanging out at the LYS and talking to the owner and a friend. The late afternoon was spent cleaning up the house and making dinner. We hung out at home Friday night and I got to the heel of my sock but haven't started to divide for the heel. I'm nervous. :)

Today I finished knitting a dishcloth for my sister Fleas' birthday which was last Monday. Purple is her favorite color and I loved this color. I made up a pattern on my own just for fun. I like it.

I also tonight finally finished knitting Anne's dishcloth for the contest on her blog. It's taken me a while because it was my travel knitting. :) I liked this pattern and I like how the color I picked knit up. I used clover bamboo needles size 6 and I knit Continental Method. If you haven't seen the contest on her blog head over and check it out. She just extended the deadline until the 30th. I finished this today thinking tomorrow was the deadline. :) OH well. I'm glad it's done and off the needles. :) I'm having finishitis trying to avoid the heel on my sock. :)

It's crazy how different the colors look when I took the pictures outside. I think the pattern name should be crossing borders. :) I don't know why that came to mind but it did. Only god knows the workings of my mind.

Thank you so much for all who commented about my Jackjack. I think he's in a great home and the more we spend together and the more confidence I see him build the more I know that bringing him into my life was a great thing.

Oh, my football knit along pal Andi got her package. I had forgotten to take pictures of the stitch markers that Special K and I made her because I was too excited to send the package. She sent me a picture. I wanted to show you what Special K helped me make. :) His first time helping me in my knitting world. I was so proud.

Well...I'm going to get back to hanging out with Special K and his brother. I might even brave starting the heel. :) We'll see.

Happy Knitting!!!

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  1. Sleeping in w/your honey AND breakfast? What a morning! I'm sooooo jealous!!! I can't wait for Al and I to have a day off together!

    Those dishcloths are cute! I might try out that pattern if I can ever pry myself away from the ballband pattern.

    I totally forgot to tell you, but those stitch markers are TOO CUTE. SK was a big help too :) I should coerce Al into being crafty...someday.


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