Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dogs on Thursday!!

These are old pictures of Jackjack...back when we were living in Melbourne, FL and working at an animation studio. I took him to beach with us to watch the shuttle launching in Cape Canaveral. He went to work with me every day so he was a spoiled rotten brat back then. :) Everyone loved him!!

He had and has a great watch me. It's even gotten better but I love this picture because he's just staring right at me!!

These are pictures of Abby when she want on a Road trip with Special K and I last spring break. She did really well on the trip. She only got into a scuffle with one other dog out of the two we visited. She's a great car rider too...Not as good as Jack though but she's learning to settle down.

I just love this shot. It's at my friend's house in Raleigh, NC. Nice big beer for Special K.
Happy Dogs on Thursday!! Hopefully next week I'll get a good video of them or new pictures!!


  1. Both of your dogs are adorable!

  2. That's great attention! Elvis & Pearl's has gone downhill since they're (mostly) retired from obedience competition.

  3. Great fotos - thanks for sharing and happy DOT to you! (I just posted my first one.)


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