Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dogs on Thursdays!!!!

This weekend while Special K was hard at work in our back yard, his father came over and brought with him Lucy, the little dog you see in the picture. The three dogs ran around and played for awhile but in the end all they wanted to do was lay in the sand and veg. :)
Lucy is cute but scared of the clicking sound the camera makes. :) She's so tiny.

Here's a picture of the walkway Special K made to go from our back door to the shed that holds our washer and dryer.

And here's the fun fire pit he build us before it gets a little cooler. :) But as he says it never gets cold here. He got some different bricks from a friend he's going to use for I guess tomorrow before his mom gets here he's going to rebuild it. :)Our grass is close to non-existent so we are going to work on that but we don't own the house but rent so we don't want to spend too much money putting in grass.

Happy Dogs on Thursdays!!

And a big thank you for those who are helping out my knitting group! As of right now I still could use stuff if anyone is interested!


  1. We own our house and the grass is non-existent. It's just been a bad drought year for us. The pups look so happy.

  2. Great walkway & firepit!
    The pups all look so great!

  3. Good for Lucy, run with the big dogs! :-)

  4. No grass for us either. Drought and dogs.

    She looks sooo little next to them

  5. Here in MO we've had grass and rain, but I still have a bare dirt "racetrack" around the yarn. I'm coveting your fire pit. If my dogs were more sensible I might try one.

  6. Oh what a sweet little dog!
    She looks so happy with the big dogs!

    Nice work your guy is doing!

  7. Someone is being pretty optimistic building a fire pit. Is there a cold front coming through? Do tell!!

  8. Lucy looks so tiny compared to your dogs, very cute!

  9. I love the pics of the dogs - they are so much fun. I love the big/small mix. We have an springer spaniel and a st. bernard!

    I've enjoyed reading your blog as part of HSKS3.

    I have a little TREAT for you over at my blog! Look for the Trick-or-Treat post… Happy Fall! Kati


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