Monday, October 15, 2007

"Fall Into Autumn" Dishcloth Swap Monday Topic Catch up!

Ok...this is going to be two Monday topics in one because I've been super busy and didn't get around to taking pictures last week. :)

Last Monday was:
In many a swap we get asked to flash our stash of yarn. However, we hardly ever (might even venture to say never) get asked to show off our needles, hooks, notions, and other tools of the trade.

For this one I still don't have time to pull everything together but here's my needles waiting place. :) All but the circs. Notice Special K's drumsticks. :)
This Monday's topic:
Now that it is getting cooler here, it makes me think of apple picking and hay rides. Are you the type that likes to go to participate in all the fall festivities like apple picking, pumpkins, decorating for the fall, hay rides, baking fall goodies, etc. or do you just sit and count the days till Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah?

Again, living in Florida we don't have a lot of fall activities but I do enjoy the pumpkin patches and carving!! I also like to bake more in the cooler months. This year I'm counting down to Thanksgiving because we are planning to drive up to Ohio...loads of knitting on the road time!! Special K's mom was just down for the weekend and I'm excited to see her again too. :)

Happy Knitting!!!

PS. I went yarn shopping and got all the stuff I need to send off the last two packages. Ones heading out by owl tomorrow and the other is still awaiting the dishcloth to get off the needles which will be soon!!


  1. gnat is a fantastic hostess and I was treated like royalty.

    her family is marvelous as well. special k ain't so bad, neither.

    thanks for everything and I'll be sending those pictures soon.

    ...special k's mom.....

  2. There's a BIG box of yarn heading your way... it was $13 something to ship, lol. I hope its useful stuff - I tried to do a mix of "regular" and "fun" yarns since its for the kids!

  3. Thanks for the nice comments about my Little One! I'm with you on counting down the days till Thanksgiving. Can't wait!

  4. Good Morning felloe Gryffindor, Dont forget to post your answers to the trivia. I know this is the one that will put us in the lead. Have a great day. Mary

  5. Love the drumsticks - my husband has a tendancy to leave his all over too. :)

    Don't forget the third quidditch trivia's out for HSKS 3. Go Gryffindor's!!


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