Sunday, October 28, 2007

HSKS #3 Package!!!

My swap pal spoiled me!!! She sent me so much great stuff. Thank you again Mary Catharine! You should go check out her blog. It's a good read and she's got some great pictures.

Ok...swap package!!

She sent me this cute card!!

Here's all the stuff she sent. A skein of yarn from Razzy Tazzy Knits in Gryffinor colorway. It's so squishy and nice!! She sent me a copy of Fawkes sock pattern, which is one I really want to try. A sock kit from Lismore Sheep Yarn, which is very nice wool and a pattern to go with it. She sent me Addi dpn's size 2 and size 6 birch dpns from River John Needle Company, two packets of hot chocolate, beautiful stitch markers, a row counter bracelet from Crimson Orchid, Cards and labels from Jenn's Rather Crafty etsy store.

She sent me these two magazines.

A closer look at the row counter bracelet and stitch markers.

Oh and this awesome bag. I love it. She actually knit me a beautiful Gryffindor bag but due to an unfortunate incident it was felted and her computer fried with water. I'm really happy with the bag she sent me. It's beautiful material and I like this design a lot!!

A close up of the beautiful cards and tags.

Lismore Sheep Yarn

"Gryffindor" yarn from Razzy Tazzy Knits.

And after all that she sent me for the HSKS #3 swap...

she sent my knitting group six skeins of yarn and three sets of needles. :) Mary Catharine ROCKS!!! ;)

I can't tell you how much I love this package!! It's great.

Since we didn't get a chance this weekend will all the gloomy weather to make the yarn swift. I'm off to use Special K's hands as my swift and make a center pull ball out of the Gryffindor yarn so I can make a swatch!! Yes, I'm swatching. I'll take a picture now that my camera has power. :)

Happy Knitting and Swapping!! Thanks for stopping by on this rainy sunday afternoon. Back to Football...GO BUCS!!!


  1. Thank goodness you like everything and it made it all in one piece! Everything looks all warm and bright in the Florida sunshine, you lucky Gryffidors have great colors. Happy Knitting :)

  2. Wow! That is a very nice swap package. I love the colors of the Gryffidor yarns.

  3. What an absolutely AWESOME swap package!!!!!!!!

  4. Great package! I just did my first swap and I hope that my swapee like what I sent. All the packages I have bee looking at are so super. I didn't wrap each gift, so next time I will. What a great idea your swap pal had. Enjoy your goodies.

  5. Yummy, looks like you made out with that package. Those little bags will come in handy on your trip.


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