Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sharimom's Sunset Video

Finally, the video I promised you on what was it Monday. :) Oops sorry, been a busy week. I edited it a little and added a title and some music. The videographer is Sharimom. The voices are Special K, Sharimom, and some random strangers(those running towards birds). I was sitting on the beach knitting, picture in last post. I cut this video back a couple minutes from when I originally tried to post this. The first minute of sunset is beautiful but if you don't have time go to about a minute in and watch the bird part!! It's so funny!! I've never seen this happen but I guess it happens a lot.

Happy Beachn' it!!!

You have NO idea how many times I've tried to upload this. UGH!!! As I type this its still processing and I'm just praying that it finishes and I can share this with you all. :) Yeah it's DONE!!! Here's to posting.


  1. Great video Gnat! I love sunset on the beach, but on the east coast we have the sunrise. I haven't seen a sunset on the ocean since we were in Hawaii. Thanks. How smart you are to upload video.I can just about manage pictures! LOL

  2. Great Video!!! How beautiful that sunset was.

  3. That is my worst nightmare come true.

  4. You did a great job and I love that song.

    That was a Hitchcock movie gone way wrong.....

    Thanks for making my work look good.

  5. Ok I am SUCH an east coast girl! I had to stop and think how you could film a sunSET in FL w/o being in the Keys! I just dont get out to the Gulf enough!


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