Thursday, October 4, 2007

This blog gets some focus! I'm really not sure what to do with this blog. I've been racking my brain. Barknknit has readers and a concept. I feel I post all the stuff I want to share on there. I need to focus more on this blog because I feel it's just me talking about nothing most the time. I don't want to delete it yet because I like having this blog.

So for now I'm going to talk about Abby's skin. It's an on going saga and it will at least keep me posting on here for now. I'll include some other stuff but this is important.

Her skin....It's been a mess. She's itchy and her skin is bad. We've seen the vet and they say that we should do an allergy test and put her on allergy shots. I'm not interested in that right now. It's not in our budget. Special K talked to his boss and he recommended us going to this place called Healthy Paws. They are known to help with skin allergies and they have a different concept than most people about dog food. You mostly hear that you should keep your dog on one food and find a food that works but the people at Healthy Paws think that you should switch your dogs food so that they can not develop an allergy. A friend also recommended that we use Head and Shoulders to bath her.

So here's my challenge for Abigail's skin from now until December 31st :
1. We are going to switch her food every bag we buy.
2. Change her shampoo from her doggie shampoo to plain old Head and Shoulders

I'll take pictures of her skin so I can share the process with you and I'll let you know what foods I'm trying.

Stay tuned for before challenge pictures.

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  1. My vet (who is also my brother-in-law) (it pays to have a vet in the family) recommended Head and Shoulders for Murphy, my Lhasa who had terrible skin problems. She had seborrhea something awful.


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