Thursday, October 4, 2007

Healthy Paws

Ok, so I picked up a big bag of Nature's Variety Prairie in Venison and Millet Medley. I talked to the lady for a while and she was very knowledgeable in holistic and natural remedies. I'm going to keep them on this food for three or four weeks, well, until the bag is empty then we are going to switch to another protein source. Special K picked up a can of pumpkin so we can avoid messy poops when we switch cold turkey.

I got home today and gave both the pups baths. Abby got a bath with the Head and shoulders and Jackjack got one using his Avocado shampoo. She is a little itchy but I know nothing is an instant solution. I do love when my pups are CLEAN though. I love to cuddle them more and put my nose in their fur. Is that strange?? :)

Well...there's today's update. I'll keep you posted.

We have a softball game tonight at 9pm and it's POURING down rain. A buddy just got there it's 8pm and they are trying to wait out the rain before calling the games. I'm kind of hoping we get canceled so I can sit and watch my Thursday night shows and knit. Is that selfish??

I asked some questions but not expecting answers. :)


  1. Soft clean dogs just beg for a snuggle.

  2. I love it when Zippy is clean, but he never smells as good as Pookie and Mia did. They both had long hair, and they'd retain the shampoo scent longer. Zippy just usually smells like dog. ;)

    I'm going to start making his food as he has such terrible skin and eye allergies. He's allergic to fleas which are so plentiful this year, and the rest of the year he's just itchy. I'm interested in seeing how your dogs' diet goes.

    So pumpkin keeps their poops firmer? Good to know!

  3. How are the dogs doing? Zippy's been on homemade food for about 6 weeks. He just loves it, but he's still scratching. The fleas are gone, but he's still itchy.

    I switched to treats with no wheat and few other ingredients, but he still itches. He sneaks cat food when he can, which is probably making things worse.

    He's so sad when I eat popcorn since he doesn't get his share! But he's learned to sigh and lay down and hope some falls.

    My niece is a certified groomer. She said that we should NEVER use any shampoo designed for humans. I thought that Johnson's baby shampoo would be okay, but it made him worse. She recommends Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo; it's about $15 a bottle (I got mine for Christmas!!!) and it doesn't make Zippy itch more. Or less. But it doesn't make it worse.

    I'm interested in anything you've come up with to help the poor doggies!


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