Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dogs on Thursday!!

So, I love uploading video of my dogs. I'm going to have to get some more footage of them. I found this video from last year when I was training the pups all the time. I need to get back into the training/dog parking routine. Before you watch this video, Jackjack's limp is from early onset of arthritis caused by the accident he had with a car. He shattered his front elbow and has four pins in it. You would never know by this video the craziness we had been through to get him where he was in this video. His limp has completely gone away and I have him on some joint supplement so it doesn't return. When he swims and runs too much he will be VERY sore for a couple days. He loves when we train so I kept training with him.

Abby is a crazy silly girl and loves to train. I've always wanted to get her into agility and some day when her skin gets better and she doesn't stop to itch I might try it. :) Have fun watching my silly dogs. No great music this time....just me and my commands and silly praises.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!!!

PS...under 1000 on the Ravelry waiting list. I can't wait. Hope it's today!!!!!!!


  1. Your dogs are just so much fun to watch!!!
    I will have to figure out how to do that video thing soon.
    I am glad jackjack is better and that Abby is a such a good listener!

  2. Doggies want to please the one they love. Yours are very good dogs. Abby was watching the camera! Was someone holding it, or do you think she wants to be a staaaar?

  3. Thanks lora and Paula for the kind words.

    About Abbs looking "at the camera" if you listen carefully there is a squeaking squirrel behind the camera that she wants to go investigate but knows she's supposed to be paying attention to me. :) I have the camera set up on a tripod. And Abbs always wants to be the STAR and center of attention. :)


  4. Beware on the fostering... Teutul is actually our first foster... we obviously FAILED. We waited 3 years before we tried again, lol. It kills me to let some of them go, but I realize the more I place in loving homes, the more I can save. :)
    Our Zeus has a metal plate & screws in his knee... see last Sept's posts for reference! :)

  5. My computer doesn't seem to want to play the video:(

  6. This is very cool! I always wanted to train my dogs, they are a bit short on attention span :-) Your dogs both look great, you must be a very good trainer!

  7. Smart puppy. Loves them liver snaps. :)


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